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Attn. activists in Japan and the US

The Thai Action Committee for Democracy in Burma (TACDB) is currently
putting together an informational booklet to be distributed mainly to
backpackers on Khao San Road  in Bangkok (an area saturated with budget
tourists travelling through Southeast Asia).  The pamphlet is designed to
inform potential travellers to Burma about the country's recent political
history and human rights situation.  The last page contains addresses of
some Burma advocacy groups around the world so  interested people can
obtain further information upon their return home.  TACDB would currently
like addresses, email, fax numbers, phone numbers, etc. of good
information sources (who would be willing to answer questions and
disseminate information) in the US and Japan.  Due to space constraints,
TACDB will most likely print only one or two resources for each country
(Japan, US, Thailand, England, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and
possibly others).     

Would anyone like to recommend their organization as an information
resource?  The primary goal is to increase awareness to expand the
worldwide Burma advocacy movement.


P.S. Please reply to durham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx