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/* Written 26 Aug 6:00am 1996 by drunoo@xxxxxxxxxxxx in igc:reg.burma */
/* -------------" Report on Communication (23/8/96) "-------------- */

Dr U Ne Oo
48/2 Ayliffes Road
St Marys SA 5042

August 23, 1996.

Mr Ruprecht von Arnim
Representative for UNHCR
P.O. Box 2-121
Rajdanmern, Bangkok 10200

Dear Mr Arnim,

RE: Situation of Refugees and Displaced people from Burma

I call your attention to the recent reports of movement of Burma's
displaced minority villagers. Various independent sources indicate that
there are significant number of displaced villagers, particularly from the
Karenni State, have entered the refugee camps in Thailand. I have also
received reports of the people from ethnic Shan minority groups fleeing to
Thailand since earlier this year. This influx of displaced people are the
result of recent government's counter-insurgency measures directed at rebel
groups in Karenni and Shan States.

The Royal Thai Government has recently make initiatives for displaced
people from Burma to work legally in various provinces in Thailand. We are
hoping that this will ease protection pressures on refugee agencies and
non-governmental organizations working with Burmese refugees. While the
NGOs continue to provide basic assistance to these refugees in the camps, I
request the UNHCR in Thailand to increase its protection activities - such
as appointing more roving officers to these refugee camps at Thai-Burmese

Regarding with Mon ethnic minority refugees, there has been a cease-fire
agreement made by the State Law and Order Restoration Council and New Mon
State Party since 29 June 1995. This cease-fire appears to be still holding
and the Mon refugee community have requested the UNHCR to monitor their
repatriation. I urge the UNHCR to promote a Memorandum of Understanging
with the Burmese authorities to oversee the repatriation and resettlement
of Mon refugees. I also like the UNHCR to request the Burmese authorities
allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to monitor the
cease-fire in Mon State.

Since last year, it has made very little progress in regards to the
cease-fire with the Karen National Union and the Burmese army. The KNU has
so far held three rounds of cease-fire talks and has promised to continue
talking with Burmese army. I ask the UNHCR to request those parties to the
conflicts - especially the SLORC - to make serious steps in regards to
implementing the cease-fire.

Finally, I thank you and the UNHCR in Thailand for your supports to the
refugees from Burma.

Yours sincerely,
Sd. U Ne Oo.

copy:1. Ms Sadako Ogata, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Case Postale
        2500, CH-1211 Geneva 2 Depot, Switzerland.

/* Endreport */