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INSIDE NEWS- Students protest situa

Subject: INSIDE NEWS- Students protest situation update.

Democratic Voice of Burma( SYDNEY )

'Inside news'

Students protest situation update.

* Students continue to rally at  the Institutes  of Medicine. Attendants  take 
 turns to  speak  to the people.
* Mass  rally  was  held  at  Shwebontha(formerly  Mogul) street.
* Posters  are  appearing  at  offices, calling  on  workers  to  support  the 
 student  movement.
* Riot  police  and  security  forces  have  prevented  monks  from going  on 
their  regular round of  food in  the early  hours. People  are  also  unable  
to offer food to  the monks.
* Students  still remain  at  hostels  in  Rangoon  Arts and  Science 
* The  military  junta  has  held  certain  teachers  and  regional  officials 
 responsible  for  the  latest  round  of  student  unrest, Teachers  and  
regional  officials are  being  sacked.
* Electricity  has  been  cut  off  in  areas  where  students  were  active.  
As  a result  there  is no  water supply  and  people  cannot  listen to  
radio. Security  personnel  are  deployed  overnight  in  those  areas.
* Being  canceled for Rangoon  city  mayor's marathon  will  be  held on 
December 14, Students  are  planning to  take  advantage  of  the  mass 

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