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Dozen arrestes in Burma protest.

	Dozen arrested in Burma protest

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 12 (UPI) _ About a dozen people have been arrested in a 
protest over Unocal's pipeline project in
Burma, a protest the oil giant says is misguided. 

Several people, including a refugee Burmese family, chained themselves to 
a Unocal tanker and others climbed onto a gasoline
tank to unfurl banners denouncing the oil company over its Yadana natural 
gas pipeline project. 

The protesters claim the project has provided ``$20 million in support to 
a military regime that maintains its power through
torure, rape and forced labor.'' 

Unocal calls the allegations false and says the pipeline ``is already 
providing significant benefits to the 35,000 people who live
near the pipeline route, including good jobs, improved medical care, new 
and refurbished school facilities, electrical power and
a wide range of local self-sustaining economic initiatives...'' 

[Reuter, 12 December 1996].