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Na Sa Ka killed by own landmines

The RSO, Rohingya Solidarity Organization, reports in their November Issue
of THE NEWLETTER, that 3 SLORC soldiers were killed by landmines near
Fansi village opposite the Bangladesh border on Oct. 4, 1996. One of the
deceased was a captain.  Despite repeated calls from the Bangladesh
government to clear the land mines that were planted BY SLORC along the 
border since the last week of August, 1996, the Na Sa Ka has failed to 
respond positively.  As a result their own personnel have fallen as victims. 

Many innocent civilians and wildlife are now in danger along the border. 
There have been substantial other casualities, particularly civilians.
In the same newsletter, the RSO reports that authorities have ordered 
villagers belonging to 8 muslim village-tracts on Oct 30 to leave by Nov. 
10, 1996.

The chairmen of Buthidaung district LORC and Township LORC personally 
visited and delivered the orders for Lawadaung, Pranchay, Kachapa, 
Kanbyin, Mraungna, Alichaung, and Baggona villages. No reasons, 
compensation or relocation assistance was offered.

for correspondance with the RSO use the following snail mail address:
PO Box 795
Chittagong, Bangladesh

Send them a modest donation and you too can recieve their newsletter.

Michael Beer