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ABSDF's current situation in Burma

Subject: ABSDF's current situation in Burma (3)

		Current situation in Burma (3)

10 am, 11th December, more than 400 students including medical
students who wearing white shirts and green longyi, have made
sit-in protest in front of the No. (2) Institute of Medicines in

2 pm, 11th December in downtown Rangoon, more than 100 medical
students have staged sit-in protest against the Slorc military
regime in front of the No.(1) Institute of Medicines.

Now, all the high schools and universities and colleges are shut
down in Burma by the Slorc military regime without any
announcement in state run newspapers, on radio and television.

11th December, 20 military trucks full of soldiers are in the
position of alert and being lined up in front of the Rangoon city
hall, 300 meter opposite of US embassy.

11th December, the military, riot police trucks and some army
ambulance cars are patrolling in Rangoon.

At the moment, it is very difficult to make the phone calls
between Rangoon and Mandalay, second city of Burma. 

Now, the main strategy of the Slorc is to cut any kind of
communication system between present student demonstrators and 
experienced 1988 students and the citizens.

There are some hit and run demonstrations in Madalay by the
students and the Buddhist monks.

It is heard that more than 200 lawyers in Burma around the
country have been banned for their license by the Slorc military
regime since 1989.

Since 5th December, altogether 6 foreign journalists have been
deported  from Rangoon to Bangkok by the Slorc military
intelligence. One is from Norway and another from Holland. The
rest of four are still unknown.