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Another trade route with Burma soon

Another trade route with Burma soon
By Swaraj Thapa
New Delhi, Dec. 14: Encouraged by the trade response on 
the Indo-Burma border after the opening of the Moreh-
Tamu transit point last year, the government has decidedto 
open another point at Champa in Mizoram connecting Rih 
on the Burmese side by next year.
Home ministry sources said the issue  was discussed with 
the Burma deputy-minister for home affairs, Colonel Tin 
Hlaing, who led a five-member delegation to New Delhi a 
fortnight ago.
Officials said with the opening of the Moreh-Tamu route, 
both countries had recognised the potential for enhanced 
trade ties.
Much of Burma's trade relations so far has been with China. 
Last year alone over $ 500 million worth of Chinese goods 
found their way to Burma.
However, since the barriers between India and Burma were 
thrown open in May 1995, the quantum of trade 
locally,between the two countries through the Moreh-Tamu 
road alone has crossed Rs 26 crores with plastic goods, 
handicrafts and handloom being sent acroos by India and 
pulses and timber coming from Burma.
'In the next two years we expect to cross Rs 100 croes from 
this point alone. The second at Champa-Rih is also expected 
to do equally well," said an official.
Keen anterest has also been shown by the Miziram 
government which has already cjeared a project for the 
construction of a bridge between Champa and Rih and are 
now in the process of inviting tenders for its construction.
To further boost ties, India has also agreed to cosstruct a 
road from Tamu to kleymo in south Burma.
The 168-km stretch ismexpected to cost around Rs 90 
crores and will be constructed by the border Roads