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Suu Kyi still confined to home, tro (r)

Subject: Re: Suu Kyi still confined to home, troops guard junta's leader's home.


I dont know who wrote this article but next time better watch the
information you will write. Saya San is not a monk and the road for monk
named U Wisaya and that road is near the Shwedagon Pagoda but not Saya

If you maked mistake for simple information, who can tell all of your
massage is right. As I am out of my country, the only way to get the news
is burmanet. I thought you were a group annouse the true news.

I am sorry, maybe this mistake is typepo. But my sugest is becareful.


On 15 Dec 1996 082903@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: Myo Aye <082903@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Suu Kyi still confined to home, troops guard junta's leader's home.
> 	Suu Kyi still confined to home, troops guard junta's leader's home
> 	******************************************************************
>             RANGOON, Burma (AP) -- Rather than ask the government for 
> 	    permission to
>             leave, Burma's pro-democracy leader remained at her home 
> 	    surrounded by riot
>             police Saturday and kept supporters waiting for her at a 
>  	    Rangoon junction. 
>             Aung San Suu Kyi has said she is being illegally confined. 
> 	    Officials from her
>             political party say she refuses to give in to the 
> 	    government's demand that she
>             ask permission to go out. 
>             For the past several weekends, she had met her supporters at 
> 	    the Saya San
>             junction, named after a Buddhist monk who led a failed 
> 	    uprising against British
>             rule during the 1930s. Three hundred of them waited in vain 
> 	    for her Saturday. 
>             Riot police have physically blocked the 1991 Nobel Peace 
> 	    Prize winner at her
>             lakeside compound since last weekend, when university 
> 	    students took to the
>             streets in the boldest display of civil dissent since Burma's 
> 	    1988 democracy
>             uprising. 
>             The students were demanding an end to police brutality, the 
> 	    right to form a
>             students' union, and greater civil liberties. Some called for 
> 	    democracy in this
>             land long ruled by military regimes. 
>             Four armored personnel carriers loaded with soldiers are now 
> 	    guarding the
>             home of Gen. Than Shwe, the leader of the ruling junta. 
>             Five tanks also remained stationed by the Sule Pagoda in 
> 	    downtown Rangoon,
>             a focal point for protests in 1988, and troops had sealed off 
> 	    a medical
>             university where students had staged sit-ins this week. 
>             Several trains from Mandalay to Rangoon were delayed this 
> 	    week because
>             troops were searching for students intending to join protests 
> 	    in the capital. 
> 	    [FOX, 14 December 1996].
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