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Current Situation in Burma (5)

                        Current Situation (5) 
It's Time For The International Community To React On the
Suppression Of The Burmese People By The SLORC

1) Former Activists Being Rounded Up

As the blockade of the University Avenue leading to Daw Aung San
Suu Kyi's house enters
its 10th consecutive day, the military  government is continuing
its crackdown on the
pro-democracy  activists. 

ABSDF sources inside the country reported as of yesterday that 
Wai Lin, former Central
Executive Committee (CEC) member of the  Democratic Party for New
Society (DPNS), Ko
Toe, a leading member of the All Burma Federation of Students
Union (ABFSU - Upper 
Burma), Dr. Hla Myint who was involved in the 1975 U Thant 
Funeral Strike, and Cho
Seint, grandson of Thakin Ko Daw Hmine  (late famous poet and
freedom fighter against the
British colonial rule), have been detained. Another activist
named U Hla Shwe was detained
for questioning and released one day later. He has been detained
and cast in jail on an
uncountable number of occasions for his activism. 

The ABSDF believes that the detention of Ko Toe and Wai Lin is
due to their close
association with Moe Thee Zun, Vice-Chairman of the ABSDF.

Other former activists who have been jailed previously are also
being rounded up and
questioned in an attempt to connect to the  current

2) More Than 100 RIT Students Are Being Treated At the RGH

According to an unconfirmed report from sources in downtown
Rangoon, more than 100
students are being secretly treated in a special ward in Rangoon
General Hospital (RGH) for
wounds sustained during the violent crackdown on their peaceful
protests. Sources close to
the RGH told ABSDF that groans can be heard the special ward.
Hospital visitors, who were
previously free to come and go are now being strictly checked,
since the arrival of the
students. No house surgeons (medical students interns) are
allowed to go into this ward; only
senior doctors are permitted entry.

3) Schools Remain Closed, Exams, National & International Sports
Meets Postponed

As of yesterday the schools and universities remained closed with
the exception Institute of
Medicine 1 (IM1) (Lanmataw Campus). A report said that students
of the MI1 demanded that
dates of the closure and reopening of the schools be officially
announced and  that an
independent student union be formed.
Students who go to their educational institutions are turned away
by the security forces. To
date the military regime has made no official announcement
regarding the closure of the
universities and colleges. 

Students from provincial towns have been forced to go home, and 
as of yesterday only about
15-20 students remained at the Institute of Medicine 2 (IM2).

Schools exams scheduled for 14th-15th have been postponed for
fear of further protests. 

An international marathon meet and a national traditional boxing
championship scheduled for
the same period have been postponed indefinitely.

4) The SLORC Is Investigating Biographies Of the Children Of
Teachers And Civil Servants  

In an effort to prevent the participation in the protest of the
children of teachers and civil
servants, who are students at various educational institutions,
the military regime has been
checking their biographies. It is easier for the military to curb
the activities of these students
by putting pressure on their parents. 

It is learnt that the SLORC also distributed free rice and other
materials to civil servants.
This was seen by the residents of  Rangoon as another attempt to
woo the civil servants in
order to encourage them not to identify with the student

5) Ardent Supporters Waited In Vain For The Lady
For two days, supporters of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi gathered at the
Gwittalit Intersection to
see her and hear her speech on the latest situation of their
country. ABSDF sources in the
area reported that a large number of people, including tourists
and  reporters, waited for her
both on Saturday and Sunday. They left at about 5 PM when they
were convinced that Daw
Suu would not be able to make it for the day because of the
continuation of the road block.

6) Tanks Remain Parked And Troops Patrolled Streets Of Rangoon

Four tanks remained parked in the compound of the city hall as
another day passed without
any sign of demonstrations in Rangoon. Another batch of 6 tanks
were parked in front of the
Jubilee Hall where an historical exhibition about the Burmese
military is on show. Jubilee
Hall is situated near the newly-opened Burmese market to promote
'Visit Myanmar Year'.

SLORC soldiers in 6 military trucks, including a Bren Carrier,
continue to patrol the streets
of the capital, particularly the areas deemed to be troubled
spots. Neither police nor the
feared Lon Htein (riot police) are said to be included in these

As of yesterday, the road between Hlatan and Insein remained
whereas Prome (Pyi) Road
was reopened to the public.

7) State Of Fear In Burma

A tourist who arrived in Bangkok this morning told the ABSDF that
tourists cannot visit Sule
Pagoda which is located in the heart of downtown Rangoon opposite
of the city hall. A
couple of Australian tourists who tried to visit the Pagoda were
turned  away by the soldiers
stationed near the shrine.

He also informed the ABSDF that Rangoon is full of military
intelligence service (MIS)
personnel. An owner of a hotel asked the tourists not to talk
politics while in hotel for 
fear of being overheard by the MIS.

'Everyone is afraid', he said. 'They can now detain anyone they

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