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U.S. protests arrest of demonstrato

Subject: U.S. protests arrest of demonstrators in Burma.

		U.S. Protests Arrest of Demonstrators in Burma

WASHINGTON (Reuter) - The United States is protesting to Burma's military 
government over the arrest of nearly 200
protesters and continuing restrictions on opposition leader Aung San Suu 

"We believe that as many as 187 students and demonstrators were detained 
late last week in the wake of the demonstrations
and we have strongly protested this to the Burmese authorities," State 
Department spokesman Nicholas Burns said Monday. 

"We have also protested the continuing restrictions on Aung San Suu Kyi," 
Burns told reporters. 

About 2,000 students from the Yangon University and the Yangon Institute 
of Technology launched anti-government protests
recently, and the government responded by closing institutions of higher 
learning in the capital. 

The Burmese government last week requested Aung San Suu Kyi to remain at 
her home until the situation returned to normal.
She has said she had no links with the student protesters and has 
expressed displeasure at the restrictions. 

"We once again strongly urge the Burmnese government to guarantee the 
students can demonstrate as well as others, and we
believe that the government officials should open a dialogue with Aung 
San Suu Kyi," Burns said. 

[Reuter, 17 December 1997].