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Reply to Reply on BURMA LOSES EU

Subject: Reply to Reply on  BURMA  LOSES EU PRIVILEGES

Kris Dekker from KWIA wrote:

>I'm very happy to read AFP considers the approval of the Commission's
>decision as a formality. Hopefully they are right. I'm in doubt however
>whether we can be that sure the council of ministers will ratify the
>suspension of GSP. Especially the role of France is unclear. The council of
>ministers takes decisions on the base of consensus. So France can use its

That last remerk might be  wrong: according to the EC, France will not be 
able to use its veto. This GSP-advise to the council of ministers will be 
voted on - and the council of ministers needs a normal majority. We are 
currently finding out whether it is the council of ministers of Foreign 
Affairs, or the council of ministers of Finance (that is what Reuters said 
in their message, to the surprise of a MEP contacted on this). Also, we are 
trying to find out whether the vote is in January or February.
The EP miught want to put the GSP in the Parliament preceding the vote, to 
put pressure on the CoM if needed. According to ICFTU the vote should not be 
too much of a hassle.

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