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Slorc exotrts money from the villag

Subject: Slorc exotrts money from the villagers

SLORC Extorts Money From The Villagers In Taunggoo District

According to sources in Taunggoo area, Aung Naing Tun, the
commander of Tactical Command (1) arrived with his troops at
Bawgali village in Taunggoo District on 27/11/96 and forcibly
collected 300 Kyat per household for porter fees. In addition, he
demanded 500 Kyat per household for permanent porter fees. The
villagers therefore ended up paying 800 Kyat per household. 

Bawgali village has 340 households and the military made off with
272,000 Kyat.

Likewise, villagers from Kawthaytae which has 150 households had
to pay 45,000 Kyat in porter fees. Another village known as Lelko
was forced to pay 16,000. All the money collected went to
Commander Aung Naing Tun.   

Further extortion was carried out by the troops under his
command. The following are the villages which were forced to pay
porter fees to Commander Aung Naing Tun;
- Kawsoekho    (80 households)          64,000 Kyat
- Wathokho     (24 households)          12,000 kyat
- Kalaw Medae  (50 households)          56,000 Kyat

The same sources also reported that the people in the area
surrounding Htan Tapan (both in the mountains and on the plains)
are going through a difficult time because the SLORC troops have
been extorting money from the villagers. SLORC troops have been
operating in the area in small groups, patrolling and laying in
wait for KNU troops.

All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF)