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Global Campaign--Action in DC

Global Campaign--Demonstration in Washington D.C
December 20,1996

Members of US based Democratic Burmese Students Organization and Burma Action
 Committee staged a demonstration in front of the Burmese embassy in
Washington D.C today. The demonstration is a part of the global campaign
organized by democracy activists to denounce recent SLORC's brutal crackdown
on student demonstrators in Rangoon and Mandalay, and to commemorate the 60th
anniversary of Bo Aung Kyaw's death. Bo Aung Kyaw was a student leader who
was killed by British during a student protest against British imperalism. 

Similar demonstrations were also staged in other countries around the world
organized by Student and Youth Congress of Burma(SYCB). Exiled students and
Burmese democracy activists  around the world has pledged to stage a series
of demonstrations worldwide to denounce SLORC's handling on peaceful
demonstrators and to pressure SLORC to engage a genuine dialogue with
democratic forces.

Student leaders from various organization gave speeches denouncing SLORC's
stepped up oppresion in Burma. SYCB sent a statement to the demonstration
which was read by Maung Maung Lwin, a student activist. Reporters from Voice
of America were also present at the demonstration.