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Current Situation (6)

                     Current Situation in Burma (6)
                         Date: December 20, 1996

1) SLORC Appropriates State-Own Textile Factory & Arrests
Protesting Workers

On 13/12/96, immediately after the violent crackdown on the
students protesting against police brutality, the military regime
appropriated one of the largest textile factories in Burma.

The Thamine Textile Factory, located in the township of Insein,
was appropriated by the military and its name has been changed to
the 'Tatmadaw Textile Factory'. (Tatmadaw is the Burmese word for
the armed forces.)

The SLORC arrested 34 workers who were among many protesting over
the appropriation and the changing of its name.

2) SLORC Continues Arresting Former Activists

The SLORC has continued to round up former activists for alleged
connection with student protests that ended last week after a
crackdown, followed by an unofficial closure of educational

The arrests are in line with SLORC's accusation that the ABSDF
and Communist Party of Burma were behind the 'unrest' because
some of those arrested were at one time close associates of Moe
Thee Zun, current vice-chairman of the ABSDF. Also, left-wing
activists are always subjected to questioning and are detained
whenever 'unrest' occurs in Burma.    

3) Students Held At Kyaikkasan Race Course

According to an unconfirmed report, a total of 108 students
including 3 female students are being held at Kyaikkasan Race
Course. The old race course has been used by successive military
regimes as a meeting place, and since the crackdown on the NLD
which has seen the arrests of more than 600 people in May, it has
been used as temporary detention and interrogation center by the

4) Students Still Receiving Treatment at the RGH

Reliable sources in downtown Rangoon confirmed the news that more
than 100 students are receiving medical treatment in a special
ward in Rangoon General Hospital (RGH). The students are being
treated for wounds sustained during the violent crackdown on
their peaceful protests earlier this month. Sources close to the
RGH told ABSDF that groans can be heard from the special ward.
Hospital visitors, who were previously free to come and go, are
now being strictly checked following the arrival of the students.
No house surgeons (medical students interns) are allowed to go
into this ward - only senior doctors are permitted entry.

4) The SLORC Continues To Investigate Biographies Of the Children
Of Teachers And Civil Servants  

In an effort to prevent the participation in the protest of the
children of teachers and civil servants, who are students at
various educational institutions, the military regime has
continued checking their biographies. It is easier for the
military to curb the activities of these students by putting
pressure on their parents. 

5) SLORC Forms USDA And Yawata (Ward Law And Order Restoration
Council) Into 'Pyit Swan Arr' Vigilante Organization

Reliable sources in Burma informed the ABSDF that the SLORC has
formed an organization called 'Pyit Swan Arr' or 'Strength Of The
Nation' to watch over the activities of the students. It is a
vigilante organization of SLORC comprising members of the Union
Solidarity Development Association (USDA) and Yawata or the Ward
Law And Order Restoration Council. The same sources also reported
that the SLORC is drawing up contingency plans for the
possibility of another student protest.  

All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF)