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press release of MYC

Press Release No. 9 of 1996
The students of Burma living in different countries organizing
demarcation against the present Burmese Govt. (SLORC) on 
20th Dec. 1996. In this regard the MIZO YOUTH 
CONVENTIONS (MYC) Hqrs appreciated convey attention 
to be successful of the following points;
1.      Elected as a democratic principles on 27th May 1990
        the Aung San Suu Kyi party NLD should be given charge
        immediately by the Burmese Govt. (SLORC).
2.      Students who have been in jail from Oct. 1996 should be 
        released immediately.
3.      People of Burma should have a Democratic principles 
        Govt. and a basic Human Rights so that people can avails
        freedoms for this NLD party under the leadership of Aung 
        San Suu Kyi should entrusted in the Govt. . That is that 
        criterion of this MYC Hqrs. Otherwise, we are condemning
        those who have been in the negative matters.
Issued by 
                Aizawl, Mizoram, India.