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Recent students uprising in upper Burma
There was peaceful students demonstrations in Mandalay capital of 
upper Burma last week. Mandalay university students took place such 
uprising because, they disliked the brutal army crackdown on peaceful 
demonstration of 
Rangoon universities' students against the present military regime 
        The student demonstrations of Mandalay was also cracked down by 
the army 
 and forty students were arrested and put in jail  i,e (32) male and (8) 
female students.
Among them two student leaders, executive members of strike committee,
Han Wim Aung and Zaw Lin Tun both are 3rd year students of zoology were 
severely and 
cruelly torture by military Intellegents in jail. This student 
demonstrations was led by 
six student leaders from Rangoon Institute of Technology who came from 
Rangoon. Demand of students are;
        1. To allow form the free and independent student unions.
        2. To release all student prisoners unconditionally and 
immediately including student leader Min Ko Naing who was in jail since 1988.
        3. To implement tripartite dialogue without any delay among Daw 
Aung San Suu Kyi lead democratic forces, ethnic nationalities leaders and 
Similar surrounded that campus and raided suddenly and arrested Buddhist 
monks and students staying inside.
On 20.12.96 Burmese democratic forces staying at Indo-Burma border 
performed a joint activity including poster campaign and distributing 
pamphlets and memorandum that mention they .......student movement inside 
Burma and ...the people to support the student movement and join actively 
to become countywide mass uprising like as 1988.
On 18.12.96, five leaders from the NLD party Tamu branch were arrested by 
the military intelligent because of anti-government papers and books were 
seized from their residents. They are chairman of Tamu branch NLD party U 
Kyin Swan Khan, secretary U Cho, and executive members U Chan Hla, U Tin 
Aung and U Hla Sein. On 2012.96 they were sent to the army lock up of 
Nows and information Unit
Date: 20.12.96.