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Rohingya, Kokang and Akha (fwd)

If anyone has the answer to this man's questions, please e-mail him back=20

Thank you,
BurmaNet Editor

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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 01:45:59 +0100
To: strider@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Rohingya, Kokang and Akha

Dear Sir,
I want include a page for non burmese peoples in the web. I have all the
flags of non burmese peoples except the Akha and Kokang; the Rohingya flag
is doubtefoul (is blue on the hoist and red in the fly). Can you write me
information about the non burmese flags. The page is visited for near two
thousand of people in one month and is a source of publicity for the
democracy in Burma.
Many thanks
Jaume Oll=E9=20

Jaume Oll=E9=20
"Historical Flags" http://www.readysoft.es/flags