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Buemese student denies bomb blast i

Subject: Buemese student denies bomb blast in Rangoon

Burmese students denies bomb blast in Rangoon
        Bomb planted in a vas exploded in Rangoon  capital of Burma 
yesterday (25/12/96). The blast occurred at a public gathering during 
the religious function where Buddha's tooth relic from China is being 
displayed and claimed four persons including one police personnel and 
eighteen other were injured mostly from members of USDA pro-
military organization.
        A responsible official from ABSDF (All Burma Students' 
Democratic Front) denies any wrong accusation of the Government on 
ABSDF regarding with the bomb blast .He stated that ABSDF has no 
such policy to make any hostile attack at the public gathering and 
during the religious functions. But the military government should solve 
the country's crisis by political means and urge a dialogue between the 
SLORC (State Law and Order Restoration Council) and Daw Aung 
San Suu Kyi, on behalf of the democratic forces otherwise such violent 
and response will be unavoidable in future.
        Burma is ruled by military junta ,staged a coup d'etat since 
1988. The ABSDF has been struggling for democracy and human rights 
since 1988 after military crack down on mass uprising.
News and Information Unit
Dated December 26,1996.