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Bomb blast in Rangoon

Democratic Voice  of   Burma ( SYDNEY )

Buddha tooth  pilgrims  die  in  bomb  blast

Rangoon:  A  bomb  killed  four  people  at  a  pagoda  frequented  by  
leaders  of  the  military  regime  and  thousands  of  pilgrims  paying  
homage  to a  relic  believed  to  be a  tooth  of  the  Buddha.
	An  official  government  newspaper,  the  New Light  of  Myanmar ,  reported 
 the  explosion  and  also  said  18  people  were  injured.  All  are  
believed  to  be  Burmese.  No claim  of  responsibility  was  mentioned.
	The  tooth  relic,  believed  to  be  one  of two  surviving  since  the  
Buddha's  death  2500  years  ago,  was  not  damaged  the  newspaper  said. 
It  is  on  loan from  China. The  newspaper  did not  cite  any  specific  
bombing  suspect, but  the  language  as  similar  to  that  usually  leveled  
at  pro-democracy  leader  Aung San Suu Kyi's  party  and  alleged  communist  
guerrillas the  regime  blames  for  whipping  up  the  students.
	According  to the  New  Light of Myanmar,  an  initial  explosion  rocked  
the  Kaba  Aye,  or  World  Peace,  pagoda  at 8.20 pm. No one  was  hurt_ the 
 bomb  did not  explode  near  an  entrance  used  by  pilgrims.
	But  two  hours  later,  as  authorities  were  investigating  the blast, 
another   bomb, believed  to be  hidden  in a  flower  vase,  went  off  
inside  the  temple  that  was filling  with  pilgrims.  

27 December  1996

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