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                ABSDF Saddened By Bomb Blasts In Rangoon

1) The ABSDF is deeply saddened by the news of two bomb blasts at Kaba Aye Pagoda and
Maha Pasana Cave on Christmas night, in which  five people were killed and 17 wounded.

2) The ABSDF wishes to make it known that despite SLORC's claim, we played no role
whatsoever in this despicable act. As an organization which is struggling to achieve peace,
human rights and democracy we deplore the loss of innocent civilian lives. While we still
maintain forces for defence purposes along the Thai-Burma border, the ABSDF considers
the use of terrorism to be inimical to our aims, and has therefore adopted non-violent
political defiance strategies in order to achieve our goal.

3) Furthermore, the ABSDF and other democratic forces are actively seeking to develop a
relationship with China, and we therefore would not conduct any activities which would be
detrimental to this aim. 

4) The SLORC has a history of bombing its own embassies in Bangkok and Tokyo and a
number of other sites in Rangoon for the purposes of discrediting opposition groups. Given
this history and its bloody crackdown on Buddhists monks in 1990,  the ABSDF believes that
only the junta itself would be capable of sinking so low as to bomb a Buddhist temple. We
therefore suspect that the Kaba Aye bombing to be the result of a plot of the SLORC to
implicate democratic opposition groups in such acts of terrorism in order to provide
justification for another crackdown. 

Central Committee
All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF)

Date: December 27, 1996

For more information, please contact Dr. Naing Aung at 01-923 1687 or Aung Naing Oo
at 66-2-300 0631.