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DBSO's Statement of the Bomb Killed

Subject: DBSO's Statement of the Bomb Killed Five

Denouncing the SLORC Conducted Terrorists Actions  

We hereby state that SLORC is the only terrorist group and has full
responsibility for the terrorist action of the planting a
five-people-killed-bomb in Kaba Aye Pagoda in Rangoon to create
misunderstanding among the exile students and Republic of China.

SLORC refers to self-named State Law and Order Restoration Council, which
killed thousands of peaceful demonstrators in 1988.

After the second bomb blasted, the SLORC's high ranking officials called
Chinese officials to inspect the areas of the  bombs explosions in the
pagoda. At the same time, security guards were increased near the Chinese
Embassy, Chinese offices, and Chinese ambassador resident in Rangoon. Such
inappropriate and unnecessary actions taken by the SLORC itself is just
fabricating a mastery  between Republic of China and Burmese pro-democracy
forces. Historically, the SLORC has misled a policy of divide and rule among
equal rights ethnic activists, pro-democracy forces, and international human
rights supporters. 

Similarly, the SLORC's agents planted tow bombs and exploded in its embassy
in Bangkok, Thailand. Once again, the similar bomb explored in the SLORC's
embassy in Tokyo, Japan. Both Thai police and Japanese police acknowledged
that that kinds of  bombs could make by only Burma's military technologists.
The SLORC as a matter of the fact that brought into being students in exile
as terrorists that the SLORC was intentionally separating from international
pro-democracy sympathizers. But the SLORC failed its terrorists campaigns in
international and now tries the terrorist actions inside Burma.  For these
reasons, the SLORC once planted a bomb and explored under a billboard near
the U.S. Embassy in Rangoon.

We hereby state that we are the first generation of non-violent advocates
who are struggling restoration of democracy and human rights in Burma by all
means of  peaceful solutions.

However, if the SLORC does not solve the political problems by the means of
politics, no one can certain whether more violent will be occurred.
Otherwise, the SLORC  is the only lead of under its policy of violent
actions to direct Burma into political turmoil.

We hereby call the SLORC to hold dialogue with democratic forces, led by Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi, and ethnic leaders as soon as possible. 

Democratic Burmese Students Organization (DBSO-USA)
More information Contact to DBSO (301)984-6271
Date: 12/27/96