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Betreff:German Campaign Kickoff of Investment and Tourism Boycott

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Subject: German Campaign Kickoff of Investment and Tourism Boycott
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Cologne, Germany

c/o Horst Reiter
Postfach 6766, 48036 Muenster, Germany
Tel.: +49-251-34095
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Press release, 9th. Dec. 1996
Cologne, Germmany


In a common appeal to more than 600 firms & companies, we call upon those who 
hold responsible positions in the German Economy to join, with their 
enterprises, to an impressive chain of manifestations of solidarity
and terminate all economic cooperations or projected business 
relations with the military rulers of Burma. We appeal furthermore
to all holiday-makers who plan to travel to Burma: "Postpone your 
trip to Burma till democracy prevails there and the people are freed 
from oppression". We also call upon the Federal Government of Germany
to support the economic and tourism boycott with sanctions and other
appropriate measures.

Burma is a country in Southeast Asia where peoples of many cultural 
traditions live together. Ethnic minorities make up a third of the 
total population. Because the ruling generals refuse the minorities 
the right of self administration in their own areas, a civil war has 
been raging for more than 40 years. Since 1988 the country is being 
tyrannized and oppressed by an illegal military regime SLORC (The 
State Law and Order Restoration Council), which denies the freedom
of expression, the freedom of press, the freedom of assembly and the
freedom of association to the people. Thousands of political prisoners
laguish under most miserable conditions in prisons. They are 
intimidated, harassed and sentenced or tortured at will. Hundreds of 
thousands were driven to take flight to the border areas along
Thailand, Laos, China, India and Banglasdesh and are destined just 
about to subsist under destitute conditions in refugee camps. With a 
view if exploiting the lucrative tourist business as a means for
incomes to consolidate their power, the military regime has declared
the year 1996 to be 'The Visit Burma Year'. To facilitate tourism, 
historico-cultural sites are restored and revamped to shine in their
former splendour. And for the convenience of foreign visitors, all
necerssary infrastructures - roads, railway lines, bridges, air 
ports, hotels, holiday resorts - are restored or newly constructed.
But all this is done by subjecting the populace to forced labour and
forced relocation of villages and communities in favour of making 
room for tourists.

Burmese people and the democracy movement at home and abroad, because
at this moment it is the military which gains most from the investments 
and tourism. The profits flow into their pockets and serve to maintain 
a vast military and security apparatus. Anyone who maintains that a
change would be only brought about by trade willingly or unwillingly
accepts the consolidation of oppression in Burma for years to come.
And those experts who express doubts on the efficacy of an economic 
and tourism boycot overlook the moral effect of such steps. The 
movement for democracy in Burma, with Peace Nobel Laureate Aung San
Suu Kyi at its head, needs our solidarity now.

Please support our appeal with your solidarity.

This appeal is supported by:
ARA Arbeitsgemeinschaft Regenwald und Artenschutz e.V., Bielefeld;
Arbeitskreis Tourismus und Entwicklung, Basel; Aung San Suu Kyi
Liberte, Germany; Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend (BDKJ),
Bundesvorstand, Duesseldorf; Burma Bureau e.V., Cologne; Burma
Kreis Muenster, Muenster (Westf.); Burma Stutzpunkt Frankfurt,
Frankfurt a. M.; Burma Youth Volunteer Association, Remsfeld; Chin 
National Council (Europe), Hamburg; Committee for Restoration of
Democracy in Burma, Deutschland; Deutsch-Burmesische Gesellschaft,
e.V., Bruchsal; Europaeisch-Burmesische Gesellschaft e.V., Hamburg;
Karen National Union, Vertretung Deutschland; Netzwerk engagierten
Buddhisten, Berlin; Rettet den Regenwald, Hamburg; Suedostasien
Informationsstelle (SOAIS), Essen; Tourism Watch, Leinfelden-