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this is for you , too SUU KYI on Fr

Subject: this is for you , too SUU KYI on French television, need you to update server, thanks 

Dear Friends, Free Burma Activists: 

Suu Kyi: " I do not have a family. My colleagues are my family. The
people with whom I work are my family " on French TV National Evening
News, Sunday (8:15pm, Dec 29 96), and IHT Monday Dec 30,1996

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was featured Sunday evening on the French national
TV station, F2, in a four-minute interview report from Rangoon. (This is
most encouraging from a high-ratings point of view, as Sunday evening,
vacation period is a time when people are inclined to tune in, if not
out of boredom, or just interest on what has been going on while they
have been away from the screen.) The cameraman/woman filmed Suu Kyi as
she attended a wedding in the morning before she visited a museum
honoring her father, General Aung San, who led Burma's campaign for
independence from Britain ". (IHT)

The report featured Suu Kyi in her house yard, looking a little tired
and fatigued, and frustrated,  and she gave another chronicle of the
situation in Rangoon, and everywhere in Burma under Slorc tyranny, as
the French F2 station reporter briefly reviewed the current "three weeks
of surveillance " under house arrest as she takes a walk in the domain
within the closed metal gates of her house, " the symbol of the
struggle, she refues exile and prefers to stay in her country ". (F2)

Suu Kyi:  The situation is bad. The government is neither transparent or
responsible. Everything that is wrong in the country they blame on the
Opposition. Anyone can be arrested any time and imprisoned on trumped up
charges and given long prison sentences.  " F2

When asked if she has a family life, she said:

Suu Kyi: " I do not have a family. My colleagues are my family. The
people with whom I work are my family "

The F2 report also filmed demonstrators and NLD loyalists in the street,
being themselves filmed, as well as the F2 camera man by reportedly
Slorc intelligence personnel (a bit surrealist as Slorc camera films
French F2 camera filiming Slorc camera), and interviewed stalwart NLD
party member.

The F2 report was immediately followed by a 4 minute Report on China's
youthful military, some 3 million soldiers preparing  for the " peaceful
" Hongkong takeover....

Metta, Dawn Star