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        1.  A students protest in Monywa
            2.  Schools in Mandalay, Monywa and Kalay remain      
        3.   Students decided to stay on in Rangoon. 
1. A students protest was reported to have taken place at 
No(1.) State high school in Monywa on 11/12/96 and 12/12/96. 
A rumor that the Burmese students from India had arrived in 
Monywa, was also spreading in Monywa. On hearing that 
rumor, SLORC officials were busy conducting house to house 
search for said students.
        2. Schools in Mandalay, Monywa and Kalay have been 
shut down by the authorities without any prior notice. Students 
were said to have been sent back to their respective home-town 
and were made to sign at the every check-points on their way 
        3. The students who are non-residents of Rangoon were 
asked by the officials to leave Rangoon for their respective 
home-towns. Only female students complied with the officials 
order. But most of the male students, in spite of the SLORC 
officials order, decided to remain in Rangoon. The students 
have made an declaration that the day schools and colleges are 
reopened must be the day the students union is formed.