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Khin Nyunt Press Conference Part 1/

Subject: Khin Nyunt Press Conference Part 1/2 

Special News Briefing (27-6-97)

The special press conference by the Secretary-1 of the State Law and Order
Restoration Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt was held in Defence Services Assembly
Hall this morning at 9:00.

Present were Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Director-Generals and Deputy
Director-Generals of various Ministries, Yangon-based foreign journalists,
Chairmen and Secretaries of the State and Divisional level Law and
Restoration Councils, Heads of the NGOs and invited guests of over 600.

How Some Western Powers Have Been Aiding And Abetting Terrorism Committed By
Certain Organizations Operating Under The Guise Of Democracy And Human
Rights By Giving Them Assistance In Both Cash And Kind 


Very recently in June, a number of terrorists dispatched by Sein Win's
expatriate group and some persons within the country who were conniving with
them to carry out bomb attacks on some foreign embassies in Yangon and the
residences of Myanmar leaders, were apprehended together with explosive
devices and materials such as electric and telephone cables, C3 plastic
explosives, fuse wires and detonators. In unearthing these saboteurs, an
endless chain of subversive groups and individuals involved, and a series of
incidents inextricably tangled up in a web of intrigue and conspiracy have
been unveiled. Those involved include anti-government groups that had been
formed since 1989, the expatriate Sein Win and his followers, NLD party
members, foreigners intent on meddling in Myanmar's internal affairs and
foreign organizations funding the NLD. Then there are the acts of violence
and terror perpetrated, and the unrest and instability instigated by these

Today's press conference, is being held for the purpose of relating and
recounting to the people, the vile and vicious drama of terrorism staged in
the name of democracy and human rights.

Up to now many insidiuos plots and all manner of underhand means have been
used to commit atrocities and cause confusion and chaos in the country and
thus bring down the Government. These conspirators, in the expectation of
such a contingency have been and are still planning to install a puppet
government, one that would take orders from and do as bid by the western
powers. So I would like to say to all our people who hold our country dear
and who take pride in our nation, that there is now a vital need to stand
together to protect ourselves and at the same time to eliminate all threats
to our country.

How Organizations Of The West Have Provided Funds and Human Resources To
Terrorist Organization In Order To Incite Unrest In Myanmar

Everyone is aware of the fact that the multi-coloured internal armed
insurgencies which had been born together with independence had, after a
period of forty years, begun to lose impetus, and due to intensive military
operations launched by the Myanmar Armed Forces, these insurgent groups had
had to retreat to the border areas to retain some foothold. But those who
had taken part in the internal violence and unrest that had erupted in the
latter part of 1988, absconded from the country to join the insurgents at
the border and under the guise of democracy, together formed an umbrella
organization known as the Democratic Alliance of Burma, and the Alliance for
Democratic Solidarity - Union of Burma (ADSB). In this way was the
insurgency again resuscitated.

To recall the past briefly, in 1989, the Alliance for Democratic Solidarity
- Union of Burma was formed under the leadership of Thanmani Bo Khin Maung
at Bangkok. This organization recruited youths who had absconded from
Myanmar and set up the Mawyawadi camp for them in the Phaya Thonzu area. The
camp commandant then was Dr. Myint Swe, who has since returned to the
legalfold. After they had mobilized a fair number of these youths round
about April in 1989, one Pyay Thein also known as Maxwell selected some of
the more belligerent youths and made arrangements for them to attend an
explosive and small arms training course altogether 3 times under the
tutelage of foreign merceneries - an American, code - named Joe and an
Australian, code- named Sam. Then, Pyay Thein and ADSB secretary Than Lwin,
and Dr. Myint Swe chose some of the youths who had undergone the training
courses to initiate them in the actual performance of acts of violence and
terror, which they named U.G. methods, within the country.

Thus in 1989, some members of this group of youths trained by Pyay Thein,
Than Lwin and Myint Swe, made two air high - jack attempts and one attempt
to assassinate the Secretary 1. I would like to recall these incidents for
your benefit. 

At 1600 hours on 6 October, 1989, an F- 28 Myanma Airways plane, XY - ADW
under the command of Captain Khin Soe carrying altogether 85 passengers and
crew started on its Myeik to Yangon flight. As soon as the plane was
airborne, terrorists Ye Yint (a) Than Soe (a) Thit Lwin and Ye Thiha (a) San
Naing (a) Maung San threatened the crew and passengers with a hand - made
bomb which they had brought along and hi - jacked the airplane to Thailand.
On arrival at Uta Poa Airport, the two terrorists had the authorities
broadcast their prepared 7- point demand and set a deadline of 5 hours for
meeting these demands. At 2300 hours, Thai Standard Time that night, Thai
Deputy Prime Minister General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh and Commander - in -
Chief General Tienchai Sirisamphan arrived to meet the terrorists, and after
discussions with them agreement was reached to set a period of 4 hours for
the release of the passengers. Thus at 0430 hours Thai Standard Time on 7
October, all the hostages were released. The two terrorists were taken away
by the Thai Deputy Prime Minister who later preferred charges against them.

Another incident was the hi - jacking of an airbus passenger plane of the
Thai Airways on its flight TG - 305 which was on its way from Bangkok to
Yangon on 10 November,1990. It began its flight from Don Muang Airport at
1500 hours in the afternoon. Twenty - five minutes after it was airborne and
as soon as it had entered Myanmar air space, terrorists Ye Man (a) Soe Myint
and Ye Htin Kyaw (a) Kyaw Zeya, brandishing the hand - made bomb they had
brought, hi - jacked the plane to Calcutta, India. They landed at Calcutta
Airport at 1800 hours local time. After landing, the State Secretary and
security officials held talks for some time with the terrorists and finally
persuaded them to surrender. Thus the two terrorists surrendered their
weapons at 1020 hours on 11 November and announced a three - point demand in
the VIP lounge of the Calcutta Airport. The Indian Government temporarily
detained the two terrorists at Barrackpore Jail as first class prisoners and
later gave them political asylum.

A third terrorist attack was planned under the name of Operation Lion. After
the two terrorists responsible for the hi-jack of a plane to Thailand, Ye
Yint and Ye Thiha were released from prison in 1992 under an amnesty granted
on the Thai Queen's birthday, they took part in planning a suicide bomb
attack on the Secretary 1. In the course of these preparations they managed
to enlist a number of youths who had attended the explosive training course
together with them. The ten - member group included : -

- Ye Thiha (a) San Naing (a) Thaung San. 
- Ye Yint (a) Thit Lwin (a) Than Soe.
- Kyaw Zeya.
- Myint Swe
- Mya Zaw
- Maung Maung Lay.
- Kyaw Kyaw.
- Than Htay.
- Soe Lwin. and 
- Hla Maw.

These terrorists in their search for explosives succeeded in establishing
contact with the KNU and from them obtained TNT, detonators and fuses. They
stored these materials at their house on Rajprarob Road, Soi Tan Phan. But
while they were making arrangements to enter Myanmar, the Thai Police on 23
November, 1993, apprehended Ye Thiha, Maung Maung Lay, Mya Zaw and Than Htay
together with the explosive materials. Moreover incriminating documents
consisting of plans drawn up for the assassination were seized from Ye
Thiha. On the false evidence given by Ye Thiha that he alone was involved in
the plot, he was convicted and imprisoned but the others were released.
However this development disrupted their planned terrorist attack to
assassinate the Secretary 1.
Investigations into the whereabouts of these terrorists have revealed that 3
are in America, 3 in Australia, 2 in Canada, 1 in Thailand and 1 here in

The three in America are :

- Ye Yint (a) Than Soe (a) Thit Lwin, at present attending an English

Language Course at Indiana University  with a stipend granted by the U. S.
Information Agency.

His address is : -

Than Soe 
1 U - 1 MU Unit 183
Bloomington, IN 47405 - 3201
Indiana University

- Ye Htin Kyaw (a) Kyaw Kyaw, like Ye Tint is continuing  his studies at
Indiana University with a U.S. Information Agency grant.

- Myint Swe resides in America under a U.S. Government grant.

The three in Australia are also living there with financial assistance
provided by the Australian Government.

- Mya Zaw - arrived Australia in February, 1995.
- Than Htay - arrived Australia in March, 1995.
- Soe Lwin - is said to be with them.

The two in Canada, have been granted perrmission by the government to reside
in the country and are also provided financial aid. They are :

- Maung Maung Lay and
- Kyaw Kyaw.

Ye Thiha (a) San Naing who is in Thailand is serving a prison term at Lat
Prao prison.

Hla Maw has entered the legalfold and at present resides in Myanmar.

These events prove that in giving asylum and financial aid to these youths
guilty of violence and terrorism, some western powers, with forethought and
planning, are deliberately and systematically fostering a gang of henchmen
whom they can make use of whenever the occasion arises. This is simply to
remind you that somethings can be found and seen, if you know where to look
for them.

The Collapse Of The DAB And The Revival Of The NCUB

When the Democratic Alliance of Burma was first founded, groups such as the
KNU, CRDB, ABSDF were active participants because the DAB had declared that
democracy was at the top of its agenda. This also opened the way for these
armed groups to gain international contacts. When the DAB was first formed,
thanks to the glib lies of persons like expatriates Tin Maung Win and Ye
Kyaw Thu, many mercenaries, non-governmental organizations (NGOs),
intelligence organizations camouflaged as refugee organizations,
correspondents like Bertil Lintner and Martin Smith, spies from the West,
some congressmen and so-called diplomats who ignored the diplomatic code of
conduct, all converged in a mass on the Myanmar-Thai border intent on making
mischief. Financial assistance in appreciable amounts also came rolling in.
As a result, the underground armed groups were given an opportunity to
recoup their strength and reorganize theirs forces. It was at this point
that the KNU, with designs on control of the DAB gave Ye Kyaw Thu the rank
of a colonel and appointed him secretary of the DAB. This went to his head
and as a result, he became an alcoholic. It is said that at present, he is
in Chiengmai, living off his wife's earnings as a cleaning lady at a hotel
in Chiengmai. Tin Maung Win, sharper and quicker and with more cunning in
both words and deeds, charged Ye Kyaw Thu of infringing CRDB rules by
accepting the KNU rank of colonel without permission. He was also accused of
misappropriating funds received from a neighbouring country and for living
in luxury in Chiengmai imbibing beer instead of attending DAB meetings. Ye
Kyaw Thu was expelled from the CRDB in 1992 on these grounds. Tin Maung Win
then appropriated for himself the appointment of Vice - Chairman of the DAB.
After this, while he was still pondering on how to create further political
opportunities for himself , expatriate Sein Win arrived on the scene in KNU
territory and set up a parallel government, the National Coalition
Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB). The more politically astute KNU
immediately formed the National Council of the Union of Burma (NCUB) with Bo
Mya as chairman and made it the leading council. This organizaion thus
became supreme with expatriate Sein Win's NCGUB and Win Khet's expatriate
NLD group both subordinate to it.

But from the beginning of the year 1993 expatriate Sein Win's stay in
Thailand became untenable, so he was obliged to move to America. From
America he toured the European countries, Japan, Australia and others,
always pandering to them with his pro-democracy and human rights stance.
Yet, on the other hand he was plotting and scheming in secret to committ
terrorism against his own country. Sein Win and his expatriate group are
specially favoured and have been given the freedom to come and go as they
please in America, Thailand, Norway, Japan and Australia and enjoys strong
backing and support from NGOs. So at the press conference today, I would
like to give a detailed account of how Sein Win's expatriate members in
America, Thailand and Japan have with the connivance of traitors to their
own kind ( compared to axe handles in Myanmar, for axe handles made from
wood are the means by which trees are felled ) within the country are
conspiring to create terror by exploding bombs indiscriminately. 

America's Flagrant Financial Support Of Terrorists

The United States of America, has, in accordance with the Annual Foreign
Assistance Appropriations Act, been extending financial assistance to
underground armed groups in Myanmar's border areas. The decisions for the
annual budget appropriations are passed by the U.S. Congress and directly
administered by the U.S. State Department under the two headings :-

a.The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and 

Labour (BDHRL).

b.The Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM).

Under the BDHRL programme, 2.38 million dollars in the financial year of
1996 and 2.5 million dollars in the year 1997, were respectively utilized
from the Budget Appropriations. The allotted funds for the US Agency for
International Development also come under the BDHRL. If we look at the
expenditure for 1996, we shall see that:-

Appropriation for 1,079,000 dollars was made under the heading of the
National Endowment for Democracy and that funds were allotted as follows :-

- The Asian American Free Labour Institute (AAFLI) -  400,000 dollars.

- The Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)  400,000 dollars.

- National Coalition for Democracy Groups 165,400 dollars.

- NCGUB - 55,000 dollars.

- NCUB - 110,400 dollars.

- The Khit Pyaing Journal - 134,786 dollars.

In addition,

- The International Rescue Committee was allocated 450,000 dollars for
distribution to KNU Dr. Cynthia's Clinic and the Maesot Clinic through the
NGO, Burma Border Consortium (BBC).

- The World Concern Development was allocated  450,000 dollars.

- In the financial year of 1996, all programmes of the BDHRL were
supervised and administered by USAID. The amount of funds  received by the
various anti - government organizations and terrorist groups are as follows :-

- 1990 fiscal Year, 250,000 dollars.
- 1991 fiscal Year, 250,000 dollars.
- 1992 fiscal Year, 1 million dollars
- 1993 fiscal Year, 1 million dollars.
- 1994 fiscal Year, 1.5 million dollars.
- 1995 fiscal Year, 1.5 million dollars.

- The aid funds alloted under the BPRM Programme were  distributed by the
International Rescue Committe (IRC) and the American Refugee Committee (ARC)
to the various anti-groups for the purpose of launching terrorist attacks,
causing disturbances and exploding bombs. Their annual expenditures are as
follows :-

- 1990 fiscal Year, 299,000 dollars.
- 1991 fiscal Year, 392,000 dollars.
- 1992 fiscal Year, 840,949 dollars.
- 1993 fiscal Year, 835,946 dollars.
- 1994 fiscal Year, 1.94 million dollars.
- 1995 fiscal Year, 1.22 million dollars.
- 1996 fiscal Year, 2.32 million dollars.

As I have explained the members of the U.S. Congress duly elected by the
people of America and the U.S. State Department, have terminated all aid
programmes extended to the Government and have transferred assistance to
underground armed groups and terrorist groups. Moreover, the so-called NGOs
and welfare groups have been found to be conspiring together in a cover- up
to prevent the true facts of the situation from reaching the American
authorities concerned and are in fact relaying all kinds of false reports
and misinformation. For example, on 1 and 2 February, 1997, a conference
under the heading, Burma, The South Africa of the 1990's was held at the
American University in Washington, D.C., of the United States. At this
conference, people like expatriate Sein Win, Gene Sharp, Thaung Tun and Dr.
Mya Maung spoke on the occasion and spread a lot of deliberate lies. Then
Mr. Harold Goldstein (University of California,Los Angeles), Mr. Alan Nairn
(Human Rights Activist, Survivor of the East Timor Massacre) and Mrs. Robin
Stein (American University) gave lectures and instructions on how to
successfully lobby the U.S. Congressmen.

The incidents I have so far mentioned only indicate how the U.S. Government
has given encouragement and backing to the various armed insurgent and
expatriate groups on the Myanmar-Thai border to enable them to perpetrate
acts of terrorism. However there are some American citizens who are openly
and blatantly participating in person in these terrorist tactics. They are :-

- Robert Helvey. He was assigned to Myanmar as Defence Attache (Army) at the
U.S. Embassy in Myanmar from 1982 to 1984 with the rank of full colonel. On
conclusion of his assignment in Myanmar he went home, retired immediately
from the U.S. Army and returned to the Myanmar-Thai border. He is military
advisor to the KNU, KNPP and the Democracy Party for New Society, personally
giving military training and manipulating the armed groups in various ways
right up till now. An observation of his latest movements show that on
25-5-97 he arrived in Chiengmai and met and held talks with the American
Consul-General stationed there. The talks lasted from a little after 2 to 3
o' clock in the afternoon. In the evening he held discussions with Ye Kyaw
Thu over dinner. Then he visited Maesot from 29-5-97 to 1-6-97, where he met
and held discussions with Bo Mya and KNU members and gave certain
instructions. Later he went to Mae Sarian from Mae Hong Song on 3-6-97
putting up at the house rented by the ABSDF. He then gave new instructions
to ABSDF members and acting President Moe Zaw of the Democracy Party for New
Society. We have received reports that he provided funds for house rent, a
telephone, a FAX machine, travelling allowances and cash for other
contingencies to enable Moe Zaw to become operational. Helvey left Thailand
on 9-6-97 for New Delhi, India where he will reportedly stay for about 5
days to give further instructions to the ABSDF group there. His permanent
address is :-

Robert L Helvey
2402 Wood Land Avenue
South Charleston 
West Virginia 25303 - 2636
Telephone (304) 7449085
Fax (304) 7449093.

- Michael Mitchell. He retired from the U.S.A.F. and is now active as a
member of the International Republican Institute. He has been to Myanmar
three times already, and has met and held discussions with Daw Suu Kyi to
synchronize certain anangements and later proceeded to the Myanmar-Thai
border to meet with the armed insurgents and terrorist groups intent, on
shuffling the internal affairs of our country, as he would a pack of cards.
He is one of the principal provocateurs whose goal is to stir up chaos
through any means including the supply of necessary funds to deliberately
land the country on the road to utter devastation. He coordinated and
controlled all the terrorist activities both above ground and under ground.

- Gene Sharp retired from the U.S. Navy and has since joined the Albert
Einstein Institute as Director of Planning. He is someone who cheats and
lies to squeeze money from foreign organizations to provide funds required
for terrorist groups. Furthermore he has been giving training and
instructions on methods of Political Defiance. He is the forecaster who
planned and determined the time, place and methods for creating disturbances
and political unrest above ground. His address is :-

Albert Einstein Institution
50 - Church St. Cambridge, Massachusetts
02138, U.S.A.
Telephone (617) 8760311
Telephone (617) 8760837

- David Eubank. He is a late comer to the movement. Born in Thailand of
Christian missionary parents, he was educated in the United States. He then
joined the Special Force of the United States Army and participated twice in
the joint Thai - American Cobragold Military Exercises. He later retired and
returned to his birth-place, Chiengmai, where he established contact with
the armed insurgent groups. In January 1997, he organized and sponsored the
various armed insurgent groups in the KNU Metharawhta area. He was the
person who exerted every effort to organize and convene the Metharawhta
Conference. Then with the purpose of causing dissension among the national
races gave lectures and talks, exhorting those present on the necessity of
making a distinction between a central state and federal states, putting
forward suggestions for smaller independent nations in accordance with the
wishes of the western bloc nations. The concrete result of the sketch
outlined by him was the joint communique issued by all the parties
concerned. He resides in Chiengmai, Thailand and at present is engaged in
drawing up a plan for another conference, nominally under the auspices of
the ethnic groups concerned. Documents and pamphets pertaining to some of
his movements are shown on the boards.

A study of the behaviour and actions of these individuals will reveal
clearly that America as a country, and some American citizens have had the
temerity to ignore international norms and practices to meddle in Myanmar's
internal affairs and to aid and abet terrorist acts within our country.

The Plot Which Led To A Parcel Bomb Explosion 
At The Residence Of The Secretary 2

Expatriate Sein Win who had been dancing to the strings pulled by his
American puppet masters visited Tokyo, Japan from 11 to 16 March, 1997. He
then met with members of his group in Japan, Naing Aung, Win Khet and Thaung
Tun as well as members of other anti-government groups in the country and on
13 March held a seminar for the imposition of economic sanctions on Myanmar.
Reports state that it was on this visit that he laid the plans for carrying
out a series of terrorist attacks. The group that would take responsibility
in Japan consisted of members of the Burma Association in Japan (BAIJ) Mya
Mya Win, Win Naing, and members of the NLD (LA) group, Win Khet and Than Tin
Sint. The task of actually initiating and carrying out such attacks was
assigned to Thein Ngwe and Thomas (a) Gon Aung respectively.

The first attack was launched with the detonation of a parcel bomb at the
residence of the Secretary 2. I would like to give a brief background of the
bomb expert Thein Ngwe.

- Thein Ngwe is a native of Mandalay who participated in the student
disturbances during the SEAP Games held in Yangon and in the U Thant student
unrest. He is of the Islamic faith with a wife and two daughters still in
Mandalay. After arriving in Japan, he worked as a sales clerk in an
electrical goods store. He had applied for and been granted refugee status
by the Japanese Government. Thein Ngwe is a member of the BAIJ and someone
whom Tun Aye relies on. At present Thein Ngwe is Vice President of the BAIJ.
In addition he is chairman of the Muslim Democracy Movement in Japan and an
active participant as member of a stipendiary board for Myanmar students set
up by a Japanese citizen. From the time he came to occupy a position of some
responsiblity in the BAIJ, he began to travel quite frequently to Thailand
to establish contacts with anti-government organizations, the armed
insurgent groups as well as the muslim members of the KNU at the border. 

Later on he founded the Muslim Democracy Movement Association in Japan. It
is also known that it was Thein Ngwe who had recommended a terrorist plan of
action to Tun Aye including the explosion of a bomb during the 1990 general
elections, the assassination of leaders of the State Law and Order
Restoration Council and to employ other terrorist tactics if a transfer of
power was not effected.

Thein Ngwe's address in Japan is :-

E1 Grace # 105
2-6-10, Kami - Ochiak
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo - 161.

- Thomas (a) Gon Aung, a resident of Insein Township, participated in the
1988 disturbances together with Minn Ko Naing. He absconded to Thailand
towards the end of 1988 and attended an explosive training course conducted
by some Frenchmen at the KNU camp. He got to Japan in 1989 but had no steady
employment. All he did was to take part in job-hunting for new arrivals from
abroad and to organize them. Subsequently he was reported to have become an
agent for house rental and removal. Round about 1993 Thomas (a) Gon Aung
joined up with Wai Lin, Nyi Nyi and Kyaw Soe Min who were then already in
Japan and set up a delivery service for Myanmar citizens in Japan who wished
to send goods to Myanmar. Under the name of the Asahi Group, they started a
postal and delivery service. They undertook to deliver all manner of things
from letters to motor vehicles by air and by container shipping to Singapore
and thence to the address of their agent in Yangon. He is said to be an
explosive expert and a specialist in remote control explosive devices. At
present he is the General Secretary of the BAIJ and operates together with
patrons of the association Mya Mya Win, Tun Aye and Win Naing. He is said to
have refugee status in Japan.

Thomas (a) Gon Aung's address in Japan is :-
Room No 601 8 701
Fuji Manshin, Snido Bankyo Ku
Edogawaba Shi, Tokyo 112.

Expatriate Sein Win's most reliable and trustworthy lieutenants are Maung
Maung (a) Pyit Thit Nyunt Wai, founder of the Free Trade Union of Burma
(FTUB) and Moe Zaw of the Democracy Party for New Society and their members.

- Maung Maung (a) Pyi Thit Nyunt Wai is son of NLD Central Executive
Committee member U Nyunt Wai. He was, at one time employed as a gem polisher
grade 3 at the Myanmar Gems Corporation, but he absconded to Thailand while
under prosecution for the loss of gems from the Diplomatic Shop in 1989. On
his arrival in Thailand, before he could carve a niche for himself in any of
the anti-government organizations he took cover with Pyay Thein (a) Maxwell
and Than Lwin of the ADSB and together drew up a programme of sabotage and
bombing. After the emergence of the NCGUB he allied himself with Sein Win
and set up the FTUB in 1992. An American citizen, John Osolnick Jr. of the
Asian America Free Labour Institute (AAFLI) headquarters on Silom Road,
Bangkok, Thailand helped him to establish the FTUB exactly on the pattern of
the American Workers' Union. Under the patronage of John Osolnick Jr. on the
one hand and his apparent show of concern for the workers on the other, he
used devious methods to obtain financial assistance from various foreign
organizations. He then utitized these funds to cause violence and
destruction in accordance with Sein Win's wishes. Beginning, 1992, he formed
a sabotage group called Hawk. They were despatched to Myanmar on a mission
of destruction but we managed to apprehend all the members of the group
while they were attempting to wreak destruction. A detailed news bulletin
regarding the Hawk group was issued on 8-5-90. Then in 1994 Maung Maung gave
50,000 bahts to Raymond Htoo, secretary of the KNPP for the purpose of
dynamiting and destroying the electrical power pylons in the Kayah State.
Maung Maung, Than Lwin and company used all kinds of means to beg and
solicit funds from any source and with the money thus obtained attempted to
exert control on the armed groups at the border. He and Than Lwin of the
ADSB were able to tour many foreign countries and ask for donations in the
name of workers and succeeded in setting up branch offices in America,
France, Japan and Australia. Maung Maung accompanied by Thane and Than Lwin
of the AD Lwin attended the ILO-sponsored Conference on Democratic Trade
Union and Human Rights held in Manila, the Philippines from 8 to 11 October,
1995. After that, Maung Maung and explosive expert Pyay Thein (a) Maxwell
met in Thailand, twice in February 1997 and once in March to plot further
terrorist acts.