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A fact to consider The Use OR The W (r)

Subject: Re: A fact to consider The Use OR The Waste of the Revolution  Money     

The detention referred to by Nyein Chan in his newsletter dated 7th July,
97, with blistering comments, took place as a result of a systematic and
malevolent plot by the enemy of the pro-democracy and ethnic forces who dare
to stand up against ruthless oppression and injustice.

Nyein Chan's allegation that the NCGUB had to resort to bribery for the
release from detention of U Saw David and me was totally wrong. It was the
intervention of friends through appropriate channel that brought about the
release of us from detention which should not have taken place without the
enemy's plot.

With regard to his criticism of the NCGUB acquiring and using large amount
of funds, I have to say that it was rather hasty and infantile.  All funding
to the NCGUB, to all pro-democracy forces for that matter are based on a
detailed explanation of activities and need in advance. The spending of fund
must be properly accounted for, in minute detail, and audited.

What I would like to say to Nyein Chan and the like is that NCGUB has been
given the mandate by all pro-democracy and ethnic forces, expect a few, to
function as an executive branch in the struggle for freedom and democracy.
Moreover, it has to operate within the paradigm of non-violence or political
defiance.  As such, it is necessary for the NCGUB to have a presence close
to the centers of power or, in other words, capital cities, whenever
possible, in order to be of impact.  As all know, living in capital cities
is not cheep.  It is also fraught with dangers apparent and not ver apparent.

To some, the funding received by the NCGUB is large.  It is large only by
comparison without a proper sense of proportion or when viewed out of
context of the situation in which the NCGUB has to operate. In spite of all
difficulties, the NCGUB has achieved much and that is why it has become a
prime target of the SLORC.

We may have many more years of struggle in order to achieve freedom, human
rights and democratic rights and, therefore, it is necessary for all the
pro-democracy and ethnic forces to have impregnable unity a firm sense of
purpose and not to let oneself to become a victim of petty jealousy and
groundless suspicion.

Maung Maung Latt

At 09:12 AM 7/7/97, you wrote:
>From: "Nyein Chan" <nyeinchan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: A fact to consider The Use OR The Waste of the Revolution Money
by The Oppositio
>A fact to consider The Use OR The Waste of the Revolution Money by The 
>Oppositions on the border
>	We all have been criticizing and pointing out the misuse of the 
>country's resources by the SLORC's generals and misconduct or power by 
>them.  Yes, SLORC misuses, misconducts or exploits all resources for its 
>benefit only but not for the people.  It is a fact that need to be 
>changed when Burma is ruled under a democratic government.  
>At the time of the struggle for the democratic changes in Burma, we (the 
>opposition groups) should practice the use of resources for the 
>	It is very clear that the funding we received on the border is only for 
>the struggle but not for the personal uses.  However, there are some 
>misuses or wasting of those funding  by the opposition groups.  We tried 
>to changed by discussing those uses but it didn't and therefore, we 
>inevitably have to post and imform about those to all who concern about 
>Burma's democratic movement so  that  those can be changed in a proper 
>way and can be convinced those people to change their misconducts.
>	Here is only an example of the misuse of the funding and there are many 
>many misuses in all groups.  Two members of NCGUB were detained by Thai 
>authorities very recently.  They were U Maung Maung Aye and U Maung 
>Maung Latt.  They were arrested together with Saw David Tarkapaw and a 
>woman in Bangkok.  In order to release them, NCGUB had to bribed 150,000 
>Baht to the police.  The matter is that those money is not to use for 
>such personal reason but  for democratic struggle.  It is understandable 
>that the arrest of such great leaders can delay the progress of the 
>democratic movements, but those funding were not provided for personal 
>uses.  As the leaders from the revolution area, it was clear that they 
>have any personal income and personal properties and therefore they 
>might need to use those funding for their release.  However, as  leaders 
>of the democratic struggle, all should be careful of the use of those 
>funding and those funding should be spent just for democratic struggle.  
>	Moreover, there are four NCGUB offices in Bangkok alone for several 
>purpose.  The fact that why NCGUB spends such money to rent those four 
>offices and to buy mobile phones for almost every members of them should 
>be reconsidered deeply and it should restrict the optional uses of the 
>funding for personal purposes.  Why does NCGUB need four office alone in 
>Bangkok and why do they all need mobile phone?  The refugees from Burma, 
>student members, and dissidents live in poverty and they are doing 
>activities in poor funds because almost all funding are spent for other 
>uses such as office uses, leaders' spending, central committee members' 
>travel costs and so on.  Those misuses are not happening only in NCGUB 
>but in almost all opposition groups on the border.   The funds are not 
>shown for some security reason even to the members of them and 
>therefore, the misuse of such funds are very possible to withhold.   
>	We would like to request all to change such weakness of the oppositions 
>on the border so that the funding can be spent just for the movement not 
>for the leaders.   We believe that there are so many issues to be 
>changed if we are struggling for democracy and those are needed to be 
>changed in time.  
>"Unless we try to change bad behaviours inheritaged from BSPP government 
>in our daily activities, the revolution will never comes true."
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