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an open letter to nyeinchan and shw (r)

Subject: Re: an open letter to nyeinchan and shwe

Dear Ko Myint Shwe,
     Thank for your message and we will never stop for the right things.  
I am one of the people who brought most numbers of NCGUB to the border 
and we helped NCGUB in all ways since we firmly believe that they are 
elected delegates.   When we brought out Dr. Sein Win and the group of 
some elected MPs, Dr. Sein Win couldn't walk for a long time and so we 
needed to bring him on our shoulder.  I hope he has not forgotten about 
that.   We worked for both NCGUB and NLD (LA) and at the same time we 
told them  about their weakness in proper ways and in a way that SLORC 
couldn't benefit from it.   Howver, it took about seven years and 
nothing was changed except some of our  members and many students on the 
border felt disappointed on the leadership and abandoned the movement on 
the border.  
      Once, Mi Mi Khine from NLD (LA) asked and talked to some NCGUB 
members in Chiang Mai for three hours and even Dr. Sein Win couldn't 
answer her questions and discussion except nodding.  Do you know what 
had happened to her?  She was later accused of being a spy and got 
arrested.  She has been released very recently but she is not well now 
(in her brain functioning).  
    As you saw, when we pointed out those things, Dr. Tint Swe (wrote as 
chan) and Maung Maung Latt accused me as a spy or in a way they wrote 
meant that I was a spy.   I hate this defensive action taken by such 
people but I have to face it.  I will never be a spy and I will never 
work for SLORC for sure.  I will never give up fighting to bring the 
truth.  Thank for your encouraging message.
With firm belief in sincere revolution.
(Ko Myint Shwe - I also lived occassionally with them and I also 
experienced many imporper things )  I wish they can analyse themselves 
and change not to be selfcentring and not to waste the revolution money.   
As you know even a child can make up a list of uses if he doesn't need 
to tell all where he gets money and how he spends it.      

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>Subject: Re: an open letter to nyeinchan and shwe
>Dear Ko Nyein Chan and Ko Shwe,
>Criticism is important. Self criticism is far more important since most
>people are afraid of doing this. So, first of all I would like to thank
>both of you for your courage of doing this before it is too late though 
>is late however.
>" The only way to guage the level of maturity of a revolutionary party
>is to check its attitude toward its own mistakes." said V.I Lenin. 
>let me quote him since his word is quite relevent here. Since 1988
>whenever something has happened to SLORC, it accuses that it is the 
>a terrorist conspiracy from our side. Likewise, we accuse it is SLORC's
>conspiracy if there is something gone wrong on our side. What is the
>difference of code of conduct between SLORC and us. We all know that
>this is one of the reasons why we are still nowhere near the victory.
>Still few of us have moral courage to make self criticisms. You are the
>ones who break the ground. 
>I lived in Manerplaw in 1991 and in BKK, including my stay with NCG  at
>Soi Muabaam Preecha, up to 1994 and have witnessed a lot of, both 
>and policy, weaknesses and shortcommings in all of our groups including
>NCGUB. I worked for NCGUB for a time and have made many presuasive and
>friendly comments to almost all of NCGUB guys in every possible
>circumstances. Because I have voted Dr. Hlaing Ni, the NLD candidate 
>Thaketa constituency II in the 1990 election. So NCGUB is my 
>This is the leadership I, alongwith other 40 million Burmese peoplein
>1990, have chosen in rejection to SLORC's illegitimate, self imposed
>political leadership. If this new leadership is incompetant for the 
>it is us, the voters, who are first to blame. We have believed that 
>also will learn in the process of the struggele and make huge progress 
>it as well for them selves. With that in mind we fled Rangoon and came
>directly to them in late 1990. One NCGUB Minister is my close activist
>worked together in Rangoon though I did not come particularly to him.     
>I am quite sure that I am the " only one" in the hundreds of NCGUB
>supporters and wellwishers who worked for them and at the same time 
>to comment them " secretly " to have them changed for the better. in 
>it is us not SLORC know a lot more than SLORC how bad are situatns on 
>side. but we refraimed from openly blaming them on two grounds;
>1. SLORC will take advantage of our criticism posing it as splits on 
>   camp.       
>2. As a matter of fact these people,i.e, NCGUB, are "openly" committed 
>this long struggle and they will overcome their shortcommings in the 
>run. This, at least apparently, is the spearhead on our side. For the
>forming of the national opposition side as a whole itself takes pains 
>above all, time. 
>Besides these two political reasons there is another personal reason 
>I mentioned above. Many well wishing critics, especially when they are
>less known individuals or if they are are late joiners, afraid of being
>accused of SLORC spy. So they have but to resolve that it is better 
>silent and gradually get away from the revolution. That is the 
>situation in which we currently are grounded. 
>to be continued tomorrow.......
>( Please be in the firm belief that you are starting a very small
>  beginning of a great thing that will be a factor deciding the fate of
>  our revolution. )

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