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Burma - where is it heading to?

Winston Lee@SHI
07/18/97 08:58 AM

I kinda have a gut feeling that something funny is gonna happen sometimes.
The Kyat value is going down rapidly against US dollars, more rumors about
devaluating lgr notes, detaining of merchants & closing down some gold
shops downtown, some serious public debates w/n pro-Democracy movement
abroad, the Slorc meeting w/ NLD but not ASSK, other rumors about her & so

Also aint it ironic that Mr. Okkar & his crowd feel obligated to clarify
these rumors many of us abroad have never heard of while they wont even
hold a free press conf w/ the open media to answer some other legit ques?

I heard Burmese say "if the lid can't cover the pot, then it'll spill".

Well folks, rumors are rumors but I cannot help feeling that Burma is
becoming more intense, unpredictable <aint it always?> and chaos nation
than in the recent quiet months.

Whatssup their sleeves anyway?

Whatever happens I hope & pray for the better.

Have a great Fri folks!