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nyeinchan (r)

Have you ever heard of the loss of 300,000 Bahts before the death of U 
Win Ko?  Do you know how NCGUB had to made up for that amount?  Can you 
explain how U Peter Lin Pin could bought gold chains for his girlfriend 
while he was in NCGUB?  There are so many misuses that donor can't 
control.  Have you ever heard of the donors complain about the uses ?  
You should listen.

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>Re: A fact to consider the use and the waste of the Revolutionary 
>Dear Nyeinchan,
>I totally agree with you that the funds are not for personal use.
>Even if I have to reject your accusations utterly, I don't need to
>response sentence by sentence because the facts are erroneous.
>In general:
>From the end of the funding agencies they first think of to whom and 
>what they will assist. Those endowment funds are internally and 
>audited annually. The line items for the use of fund are strictly
>prescribed beforehand. If someone misused, no question for the next 
>One of the misinformation you provided has to be corrected. The 
>government has only one office by the name of NCGUB in the city you
>mentioned. Mobiles are not a luxury ones especially in the very city.
>Nowadays all active organizations have or should have ciber-office
>facilities too. Those who prefer to be categorized as refugees will be
>different. There have been numerous NGOs who are providing humanitarian
>assistance. The NCGUB helps assisting health and education programs for
>those displaced people especially for ethnic brothers. 
>Another point is that it has been 9 years of struggle outside Rangoon. 
>only NGOs but also each other knows who is who. If someone or one
>organization seems to be able to work effectively, financial assistance
>will follow. 
>Anyhow I appreciate your views. Suggestions are welcome. But lets me
>encourage you that before you say something please study deeply, ask 
>responsible persons, and judge yourself. Don't make enemy laugh if you 
>not paid. 
>Dear readers,
>Just after 27-6-97 press briefing by the SLORC, I notice a few 
>of Khin Nyunt's allegations. One statement by a group, which is headed 
>a combative named person but pronounced non-violence, blamed at NCGUB 
>FTUB. Nyeinchan foully charged NCGUB. Okkar denounced IRI. I must 
>that these are part of SLORC's strategy. I am not saying we all are
>perfect. But we are sincere. We work in good faith. Ultimately I feel
>ashamed of praising BSPP or SLORC. I don't love watching 
>as well. Best wishes!

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