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nyeinchan (r)

Dear readers:

Nyein Chan is one of the exiled pro-democracy 88-generation students. We 
are sure Nyein Chan is not a SLORC, and we also know who is the person 
named "Chan". 

It has already been nine years of struggle against a dictatorial bloody 
regime "SLORC" by the people of the Union of Burma from inside and 
outside of the country, and generally speaking we know each other who is 
who, whose intention is what and who have done right or wrong.

There is no pink color in the blood of 88-generation of Burma. We want 
to see Peace, Liberty and Justice in our motherland, soon. We want not 
to listen the crying sound of the people, any more. We want to see the 
smile and happiness of the people, soon. We want to see our country 
marching into the twenty first century with strength. We all know that 
the bloody SLORC is in the very weak positions such as politically, 
economically and so on. But, we lack ...............................

Why are we, the pro-democracy groups from the outside the country, so 
noisy and inefficient? This is a question we have to think for the sake 
of the people and country with deep love. Yes, none is perfect, but we 
ought (better need) to try to know the weakness of the revolution, 
especially the so-called much-financed the leading exiles. IF WE DO NOT 

Personally, we do not like the current opposition leading figures in 
many ways. But, we do not want to make the bloody enemy SLORC laugh. 
That is why we try to keep our mouth shut against the improper behavior 
of some opposition figures in this on-going revolutionary period. 
Untruth can not be turn truth! Dare to meet again inside 
Burma in the future after bloody SLORC is removed. YOU(from both sides) 
still have time TO CHANGE, please. Good people, good soldiers and good 
students from both sides will carry our motherland into the twenty first 
century against the evil-minded persons of both sides.

*** We are just trying to point out the facts so that there will be 
a change --"A Revolutionary Reform".

*** If someone points something out for the sake of revolution, people 
and country, and doing right-things, BETTER NOT TO MAKE ACCUSATION OF 
slorc SPY ... that is very cunning way of wrong-doers!

With respect (to all good people from both sides),

A group of 88-generation.

Our heads are bloody, but unbow!         (Thakhin U Aung San)


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