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CNN Interwiews FM Ohn Gyaw

	     CNN interviews Minister for Foreign Affairs U Ohn Gyaw

     YANGON, 29 July - Myanmar has been accepted as member of the ASEAN
     on 23 July. Minister for Foreign Affairs U Ohn Gyaw was interviewed by
     CNN at his suite of Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel in Subang Jaya,
     Malaysia, on 25 July.

     The following is a tran-script of the CNN telecast of its interview U
     Ohn Gyaw on 29 July:

     CNN?s Maria Seressa spoke with Bumma?s Foreign Minister U Ohn Gyaw
     about some of these issues.

     U Ohn Gyaw: We cannot stay isolated. We have, in fact, stayed nearly
     25 years in isolation. 

     What was the result? 

     We were left behind. It?s
     for equal mutual beneficial objectives. One is that we will learn the
     experience how to go about the successful establishment of economic
     System in the country as well as our domestic stability could
     contribute towards regional stability. These are the objectives. No
     more than that.

     CNN -ASEAN: delayed the membership of Cambodia when fighting broke
     out. What signal does this send to your government?
     U Ohn Gyaw: ASEAN?s attitude towards Cambodia is good-will. Of 
     the principal philosophy of ASEAN is constructive engagement or
     non-interference. If any given country is not in need of co-operation
     and advice, then it will be a constructive engagement. If that
     particular country is in need of co-operation, then when the welcome
     sign is there, ASEAN will help. That is what I see in ASEAN.

     CNN: What is the situation of human rights in your country today?

     U Ohn Gyaw: Human rights is a word used by people from outside. And
     there are places like Human Rights Commission in Geneva and the
     United Nations. Where do they get the information of our violation of
     human rights? From the opposition, from the dissidents, from the
     insurgents. When actually you come to visit our country, you?ll see
     that we treat our people much more fairer than they treat them in the

     CNN: Your government have been called the repressive military regime.
     What?s your comment on that?

     U Ohn Gyaw: The Armed Forces in our country have been the main
     disciplined institution before the independence and after the
     independence. So, the Armed Forces would like to hand over the power
     of the State to the properly established and properly organized group
     of people under the strong constitution.
     from outside it would be seen that the constitution process is too
     slow. And, of course, to us what our objective is to have real unity
     among the national races. That is the reason why this particular
     period as you asked is very important and delicate in our
     contemporary history.

     CNN: What is your government?s stand on Aung San Suu Kyi? What role do
     you see her playing in the future?

     U Ohn Gyaw: When she came back she came as an ordinary person. Later
     on, the situation in the country had given her certain opportunity
     not her opportunity, the opportunity of the political parties which
     were against the previous government, not the present government.
     That was the reason why she emerged as a figure. And this figure was
     recognized and promoted by the outside democratic circles. Of course,
     we are committed, as I have said, to have this democratic system
     whether she is there or whether she is not there. The system will be
     there. There are certain elements with the thinking that without her,
     there is no democracy, which is not true. With or without her, there
     will be democracy. With or without dialogue, there will be democracy.
     We are trying to build a system not with a person but with the people
     of the country.

	( THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR (Wednesday, 30 July, 1997 )