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MLOB Statement on prevailing seriou

 MLOB statement on prevailing serious situation in Burma

 The MLOB is deeply concerned for the health and welfare of Burma's
pro-democracy leader, Nobel laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the General
Secretary of the National League for Democracy who has been, in a car,
blocked at Ayarsu village near Nyaungdon town by the ruling military
regime, Slorc/ SPDC while she was travelling to Bassein to meet  her party
members. This is the third time the Nobel laureate has been illegally
obstructed in her movement within a span of about three weeks.
 The MLOB calls upon the Burmese military authorities to immediately
release all restrictions imposed upon Burma's democracy leader as the
standoff between her and  military authorities enters its 7th day and her
health is deteriorating day by day. 

 The MLOB maintains that the military authorities cannot resolve Burma's
long-running political problems by means of military might. The only way to
retain a civilized solution is to enter into a dialogue with the opposition 
that represents almost entire population of Burma.

 The MLOB, once againg, urges the Slorc/SPDC military authorities to wisely
resolve Burma's political problems 

by peaceful political means.

Muslim Liberation Organization of Burma.