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Third Special Report on RFA-Burmese

If we all consider credibility and accuracy as our standard tools in measuring
how reliable news coverage can be, identification of news-sources becomes a
primary step for us to take before making any inference from what we hear and
are told.  In this rapidly growing information era, critical listening or
reading is the best defense for all those who advocate truth and freedom in
preventing themselves from being fooled by the anti-truth and anti-freedom.
It is a caution that must be taken by not only Burmese but the whole world

July 14 morning transmission by RFA contained a news directly sent from its
Thailand-based reporter Aung Zaw with his own voice.  We measure the
reliability of Aung Zaw's report with actuality using our standard tools.
Subsequently, we come to a conclusion that this  three-minute report was
poorly or intentionally organized by Aung Zaw.

Purpose of this Report
* To make the Burma lovers aware of RFA's reporters' inadequacy in doing
professional journalism.
* To report the Burma lovers that RFA director is behind every report or
interview which aimed at unilaterally attacking NLD party and Daw Aung San Suu
Kyi's political activities
* To report the Burma lovers that RFA director is behind every report or
interview which aimed at promoting the image of military leaders in Burma.

Analyzing Aung Zaw's Report
Aung Zaw's pre-recorded report lacked linguistic skill, especially in grammar,
while reading out parallel sentences.  For your convenience, we have
translated his Burmese-version report into english.  Other qualities absent in
him are examined step-by-step as follow.  Let's rate the reliability for each
and every bit of information sources he included in his voiced report.

Rating Scale 
Strongly Reliable -   A   / Reliable - B   / Not Sure - C   /  Not Reliable -
D    / Strongly Unreliable - E

First Para:
<<<"Rangoon residents have little or no (lack) interest in the prevailing
tension in Burma between NLD party and military junta," some resident told to
RFA today.>>>>>
Our grade for the 1st Para:   ___D___
Your grade ________

Second Para								
<< It is also observed that only few in Rangoon know about Daw Aung San Suu
Kyi's trip to Min Hla and about NLD party members being arrested even though
these news are carried in Bangkok and international newspapers. >>>>>
Our grade for the 1st Para:   ___C___
Your grade ________

Third Para
<<<< Rangoon political sources told to RFA that they expect nothing from this
trip and don't expect any fruitful results out of this trip.">>>>
Who are they?  Now RFA has broadcast directly to Burma what's going inside,
with the special message, "Suu Kyi, You Are Doing Nonsense."  A very clever
attack on Suu Kyi activities by RFA while she was struggling with her sit-in
Our grade for the 1st Para:   ___E___
Your grade ________

Fourth Para:
<<<<During last week, the previous trip to Min Hla township by Daw Aung San
Suu Kyi and NLD party chairman U Aung Shwe was blocked by Burma military
authorities.  For this account, Burma military junta got ashamed in
international community and became subject to being watched and criticized by
the neighboring countries. Besides the events related to Daw Aung San Suu
Kyi's trip are not accurately covered in the military junta's newspapers,
majority people do not know anything about it clearly.>>>>
Not bad.  But it is Aung Zaw's opinion only.  We do not believe the military
junta has any human sense, i.e SHAME.
Our grade for the 1st Para:   ___C___
Your grade ________

Fifth Para
<<<<According to those closely observing NLD, confrontation and dialogue are
the only two options left for NLD, but military generals are not in a position
to enter a dialogue at this juncture.>>>>
Repetition  of the generally-accepted fact. Not news.
Our grade for the 1st Para:   ___D___			 
Your grade ________
Sixth and Seven paras
<<<Those who are hoping outside help (political pressure) also said that
activities by oppositions are important only then, foreign countries and
organizations will push the military junta toward doing changes in Burma.
Some domestic opposition members, who recently arrived here at the border,
told to RFA, that the military intelligent's crackdown on opposition, active
students is quite effective now and most of them have already been detained
and some had to flee to the borders.>>>>>>
Threatening the potential activists in Burma with such message that MIS is
much more effective than anyone in Burma? 
Our grade for the 1st Para:   ___D___
Your grade ________
Summary of Analysis:  Average Grade.  D, Medium D.   Result = Not Reliable

The situation at the time of airing Aung Zaw's Report
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was still on her sit-in demonstration.  International
governments, especially the United States, directly condemn the military
regime for limiting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's freedom of movement.  And they also
urged the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Anan to get "personally
involved" in defusing the escalating political tension in Burma.  These are
the global results Daw San Suu Kyi made out of her 6-day sacrifice.  She
highlighted  the true life of  Burmese population under a military regime
during her self-sacrificing 6-day activity.  Her message was clear, "We are
the prisoners of our own country."  Every activist online is emotionally
affected by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's activity and urging each other to do
something good for her. Some suggest demonstration in front of embassies. Some
did in India.

Another result, may or may not be good for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's personal
security, is the security guards were removed from her vicinity after the
stand-off was ended by force.   These are clear fruitful results  out of her

Why Did Aung Zaw Choose To Do That
We have respect for the young Burmese people like Aung Zaw and have hope for
them to become our future bright and truthful journalists.  But this time Aung
Zaw went beyond the level of acceptance.  His report was of his own opinions
rather than the news.  He cannot abuse his RFA position to attack a political
leader because he was asked to so by his boss, Soe Thin.

Why we are say this so is Soe Thin was right here visiting Thailand and
physically with Aung Zaw.  This report seems to come from Aung Zaw's mouth and
imagination.  But it originated from his boss, U Soe Thin.

1.   RFA authorities must reform the RFA-Burmese Section administrative body
by including senior Burmese journalists like U Aung Myint Tun, Dr. Aung Khin,
as its supervisors.
2.   RFA must require its reporters (Burmese or any other nationalities) to
have credibility and timeliness of the news they cover and broadcast.

All anti-NLD and anti-Daw Aung San Suu Kyi news coverage and interviews were
taken place one after another in RFA within this year.  Readers decide for
themselves whether RFA is becoming an anti-democratic movement or pro-
democratic movement or anti-military or pro-military news agenecy.  At this
juncture, public leaders like Daw Aung San Suu Kyi needs public attention to
further our cause.  Any untimely and inaccurate broadcast of her activities by
the RFA or any broadcast agencies can cost her and her peoples' psychological

Independent Media and Research Center