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Daily Yomiuri-6 nations say no to d

Subject: Daily Yomiuri-6 nations say no to drugs at seminar

6 nations say no to drugs at seminar

Yomiuri Shimbun

Officials in charge of drug control from six Asian countries attended a
conference in Tokyo on Tuesday to discuss ways of preventing drug smuggling
in Asia.

The seminar, sponsored by the Foreign Ministry and the National Police
Agency, was attended by members of the U.N. International Drug Control
Program and law-enforcement officials from Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar,
Thailand, and Vietnam, all neighbors of the so-called Golden Triangle--an
infamous illicit drug-manufacturing area.

The attendees discussed methods of drug control in their countries. Also,
the UNDCP unveiled its strategy on preventing drug smuggling near the
borders of the six countries.

A government official speaking on behalf of Prime Minister Prime Minister
Keizo Obuchi said at the outset of the meeting that drug problems must be
seriously addrressed as the problems affect "human well-being."

At the end of the meeting, the participants adopted a statement calling for
redoubled efforts in fighting drug problems.