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European parliament raises question

Subject: European parliament raises questions to Europen Commission on

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Question raised on Interpol meeting in European Parliament
Dutch MEP H. Maij-Weggen on 27 Jan 1999 raised (written) questions in the
European Parliament. They are adressed to the European Commission . This
translation is by BCN: 
1) Is the Commission aware of the fact that the General Secretariat of
Interpol is from 23 to 26 February the 4th International Heroin Conference
in Yangon in Burma and that in close co-operation with the military
dictatorship in Burma? 
2) Does the Commission not find it absurd that Interpol organizes a
conference in a country that generally is seen as one of the worlds'
largest exportors of drugs and together with a military dictatorship of
whom it is know they keep themselves afloat with amongst others this
3) Does the Commission not find that such a co-operation is damaging the
good name and faith of Interpol? 
4) Can the Commission make public who finances Interpol, which European
countries are involved in this adn who keeps some political control on the
conduct of Interpol? 
5) Does the Commission know whether Europol is involved in this conference
and if yes how? 
6) Can the Commission notify who is politically responsible for Europols
taking part?
annex: the invitation of Interpol of 16 november 1998 for this conference.