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Information Sheet No. 0791(I)

                                MYANMAR INFORMATION COMMITTEE
                                         Information Sheet 
                                    No. 0791(I)               Feb.6
(1)		K 62,900 Million Used in Education Sector over 5,000 New Schools Opened
in Ten 			Years

		While the government is paying special attention to promotion of the
education system and the entire people are actively participating in the
tasks, internal and external elements with negative outlook on Myanmar using
some foreign broadcasting stations and media are making accusations that the
education standard in Myanmar is getting low, that teachers are not qualified
and that the government does not pay attention to the education sector. The
entire people, who realize that the government is implementing the educational
promotion programme with national outlook, are actively participating in the
tasks for development of the sector.  From 1988 to 1998, the number of primary
schools increased from 31,329 to 35,833 that of middle schools from 1,696 to
2,115 and that of high schools from 722 to 936.  Over 5,000 new schools were
opened during the period in the time of the Tatmadaw(Military) government and
among those new schools, 4,505 new primary schools were opened and 419 primary
schools were upgraded to the middle schools level and 214 middle schools to
the high school level. Included in these schools are 353 basic education
primary schools, 51 BEMS and 20 BEHS which were opened in remote border areas
of Myanmar. Similarly, there were 68 universities, degree colleges and
colleges- 44 universities, five degree colleges and 19 colleges- at the end of
1998 up from 32 universities, degree colleges and colleges- 14 universities,
six degree colleges and 12 colleges in 1988 in the higher education sector. As
the new universities and colleges could be built and the existing colleges
could be upgraded, there are universities in all the states and divisions.
Moreover, vocational education universities and language universities could be
opened in many places of the country. Education expenditure in 1998-99 was K
8,559.39 million up from K 1,190.54 million in 1988-89, registering a 800 per
cent increase due to year-by-year rise in the education spending. It can be
seen that a total of K 62,913.74 million has been used for the education
sector in the ten years. Of these expenditures, the Ministry of Education has
spent K 78.17 million in remote border areas which lacked development. Work
committee for Implementation of Task for Development of Border Areas has also
spent K 350.57 million for the areas from its separate fund. A total of 1,814
computers and 678 printers have been installed at 690 BEHSs, 449 computers and
120 printers at 309 BEMSs totalling 2,263 computers and 798 printers in 999
schools in the entire nation under the arrangement of the State, parents and
school boards of trustees. The school boards of trustees are setting up
multimedia class rooms, enabling students to use advanced equipment and to
enhance the teaching system. Seven BEHSs in Yangon now have multi-media
classrooms and 13 more are ready to open such classroom soon. Some of the
well-to-do school boards of trustees have provided modern teaching aid systems
and equipment in schools such as computers, printers, language labs, TVs,
video-players, cassettes, amplifiers, overhead projectors, projection screens,
fax machines, E-mail and other modern facilities. Some multi-media classroom

are installed with internet local area networks for schools. As an initial
phase, arrangements are under way to open multi-media classrooms in all BEHSs.
(2)		Narcotic Drugs, Paraphernalia Seized in Muse Township
		Members of a military column of local battalion, acting on information, on
21 January combed a certain area in Muse Township, Shan State (North) and
found an opium refinery. Members of the column seized 3.56 kilos of heroin,
25.6 kilos of raw opium, 40 gallons of acetic anhydride, 27 gallons of
chloroform, 63 gallons of spirit, 45 gallons of lysol, six litres of
hydrochloric acids, two litres of liquid heroin, 20 gallons of liquid opium
and paraphernalia used for refining heroin including two huts. The two huts
were set on fire. Action is being taken in connection with the seizure of
drugs and paraphernalia according to law.
(3)		Pakistan Beat Myanmar 5-0 in Friendly Hockey
		Pakistan beat Myanmar 5-0 in the friendly hockey match which took place at
the Theinbyu Hockey Pitch on 5 February evening.The second friendly match will
be held at the same venue on 
7 February 4 pm.