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From MIZZIMA News Group (r)

Fourteen Burmese nabbed by Indian Navy

By: MIZZIMA News Group
May 29, 1999

According to a statement issued by the Defence Ministry of India on 27th
May 1999, fourteen Burmese were arrested during the course of an
operation launched jointly by Indian Navy and Coastal Guard ships off
the North Andaman Islands.

Defence Ministry's statement said that a large wooden boat, carrying the
Burmese who are suspected to be poachers, were first intercepted by an
Indian Naval ship on patrol off the islands on 15th May. On being
challenged by the Indian Navy, the boat disappeared into one of the many
shallow water creeks in the area.

A joint operation of the Indian Navy and Coastal Guard ships was carried
out in the area to apprehend the poachers. The exits were sealed around
the Andaman Islands and police personnel carried out combing operations
of the island ashore.

Fourteen Burmese nationals were arrested during the course of operation.
Moreover, Indian Defence Ministry claimed that a large wooden boat of
Thai origin and two smaller dinghies of Burmese origin were seized and
combing operations are still in progress on and around the Andaman
Islands to locate and apprehend the remaining poachers.

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