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Don't call us not to go to Myanmar (r)

Subject: Re: Don't call us not to go to Myanmar Embassy. 

It is an unbelievable challenge that those who posted this massage on
the news group are hard to believe it is a Burmese student among 500
students in Japan. 

But let me tell you that?.please don't be proud off yourself being
invited by this bloody regime, SPDC. The regime is not elected by the
people, for the people, and of the people. 

When you enter the embassy compound, look back your brothers and
sisters at home, how they have been suffered by this regime; look back
how this embassy unfairly taxes from hard working Burmese and Burmese
students in Japan; look back how this embassy mistreats Burmese people
whenever they call for help; look back how this embassy not so long ago
planted bombs inside the embassy to create a turmoil environment among
Burmese; look back  how many Burmese in Japan have been died since they
could not return to Burma because they could not pay 1,000 Yen for per
month to the embassy. All the above factors are clearly speaking to you
who is the regime and who are you?. Thank you?

--- KOKORO <kokoro007@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear all of the so-called democratic associations in
> Japan,
> We, Myanmar students in Japan, welcome the goodwill
> of The Embassy of
> The Union of Myanmar, Tokyo. Even though this is the
> first time for
> us, we greately appreciate it.
> "Invitation to all Myanmar Students by Myanmar
> Embassy, Tokyo"  is
> our( Myanmar students') business. Not yours. 
> Please don't call us not to go to Myanmar Embassy. 
> KOKORO( Heart )
> One of The Myanmar Students in Japan
> *******************************************************

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