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Don't call us not to go to Myanmar (r)

Subject: Re: Don't call us not to go to Myanmar Embassy. 

To answer your question of the  "Student," there are two definitions
can be found:  

(1) In Burmese "Myanmar Student," in Thai "Nat Si Pa Sa Fa Mar", and in
English speaking community "Burmese Student, is one who has been
persistently struggling for democracy and human rights, and peace to
restore in Burma against the most brutal military dictatorship,
conformity with majority people, by sacrificing his/her life, and
family even though the regime shots and kills on him or her the roads,
in the streets, in the jungles, at the homes, and in the prisons but
never bows his or her head. 

(2) From the regime's side, SPDC or SLORC, a student who loves the
true, fights for the true, and speaks out for the true, the regime puts
a name tag on him or her, Pa Sin Yoo, so-called "Axe Handle". That
means the student is their biggest enemy and has to be killed,
arrested, or forced to exile in order to prolong a handful of co-called
general, assuming that the student is threatening the generals' power
and money.
I hope you may now understand what is the definition of  " a student." 
Thank You!!!
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