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Don't call us not to go to Myanmar (r)

Subject: Re: Don't call us not to go to Myanmar Embassy. 

Dear Nyi Lwin

Thank you very mach for your explanation about "student" to
burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I still want to know about what kind of Burma
student in Japan are.If you know please tell me.

I don't want to believe the KOKORO <<kokoro007@xxxxxxxxxxx> is a Burma
student. Who is this person? If he is a Burma student, why he wrote below
ugly rubbish ? 

<bold><italic>He wrote;

Dear all of the so-called democratic associations in Japan,

We, Myanmar students in Japan, welcome the goodwill of The Embassy of

The Union of Myanmar, Tokyo. Even though this is the first time for

us, we greately appreciate it.

"Invitation to all Myanmar Students by Myanmar Embassy, Tokyo"  is

our( Myanmar students') business. Not yours. 

Please don't call us not to go to Myanmar Embassy. 

KOKORO( Heart )

One of The Myanmar Students in Japan



I believe the Burma democracy is the business of all Burmese, and all
Nationalities in Burma, no one have any right to destroy it directly or
indirectly except SPDC. Democracy is "come from people for the people by
the people".But Somebody think the democracy mean " come from a group for
a group by a group". Be notice even the SPDC, they really ever have that
kind of democracy for a group.

I will be in waiting of hearing about the 007KoKoro from you all.. 

Compatriot Gonshyn Mahn .