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New SPDC strategy of disunite ethni

Subject: New SPDC strategy of disunite ethnic groups

The Burmese military junta has successfully been using various =
strategies to disunite ethnic nationalities in Burma since it took over =
power in September 1988 so that it can easily control them.  For =
example, it created the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) among the =
Karen National Union (KNU) which caused the fall of Manerplaw in January =
As for its latest strategy, the military commanders in the Mongping, =
Mongtung and Monghsat townships are now inviting uneducated ethnic Lahus =
in Thailand to go to them and pretend surrendering as the Lahu Guerilla =
Force (LGF) troops with any available weapons (usable or unusable).  =
They promise them that they can do drugs (especially amphitamine =
tablets) business freely for two years.  It is learned that a sacked =
member of the LGF, who pretended to be second-in-command, is appointed =
by the military leaders as their head.  Therefore, many Thai ethnic =
Lahus are going into Burma with a big hope of doing drugs business =
The main aim and objective of the military commanders is to use them as =
the major fighting (militia) force against the Shan State Army (SSA) =
troops along the border areas.  It is very bad and sad news for us that =
the Burmese military leaders are now stepping up their strategy to =
agitate various ethnic minority groups to fight each other.
It is also very important for us to unite and join hands among us (all =
pro-democracy and ethnic groups) to rip the whole military dictatorship =
of our motherland.
Unity is Strength!