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Australian woman jailed for gem smu (r)

Subject: Re: Australian woman jailed for gem smuggling in Burma

Burmese gems have been smuggled out since Ne Win rule.  The poor Australian
woman smuggle out gems from Burma by using her own money but under BSPP,
SLORC, and SPDC many state own gem stones were stolen by the high ranking
authorities.  Nobody dare to charge them.  What a pitty?

Htun Aung Gyaw

At 12:58 AM 5/1/99 -0400, Julien Moe wrote:
>Australian woman jailed for gem smuggling in Burma
>Friday 30 April, 1999 (10:59am AEST) 
>   Australian diplomats in Burma are assisting an Australian woman who has
>been jailed for 10 years in Rangoon for gem smuggling.
>The 53-year-old woman was arrested at Rangoon Airport last August and has
>since been convicted for failing to declare thousands of dollars worth of
>jewellery as she was trying to leave the country.
>She has been imprisoned in Rangoon's Insein Jail and is awaiting an appeal
>which could be heard as early as next week.
>The Foreign Affairs Department in Canberra says diplomats in Rangoon are in
>regular contact with the woman and assisting with legal advice for her
>Department officials have also been in contact with the woman's family in