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Canadian Fundings to Burmese Dissid

Subject: Canadian Fundings to Burmese Dissident Groups and NGOs [ May 1999]

For popular demand , the data I've promised is released as follows.

Canadian Fundings to Burmese Dissident Groups
25 May 1999

Not only the United States Government is in the middle of influencing the
Burmese situation by supporting the Burmese democracy movement  by means of
imposing sanctions on the dictatorial regime in Burma and funding the
pro-democracy movement groups via Department of State and National Endowment
of Democracy , but  the Canadian fundings to the dissident groups and NGOs
such as NCGUB, Alternative ASEAN Network, Southeast Asian Infromation
Network, Canadian Friends of Burma, Burma at the Crossroads, Burma Issues,
etc are obvious signs of the Canadian government support  behind the Burmese
democracy  movement. Funding details are as follows.

The International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
                   was established by an Act of the Parliament of Canada in
1988, and officially
                   inaugurated in 1990. A Canadian institution with an
international mandate, the
                   Centre is an independent and non-partisan organization
which initiates,
                   encourages and supports the promotion, development and
strengthening of
                   democratic and human rights institutions and programmes
as defined in the
                   International Bill of Human Rights. Its mandate therefore
covers civil,
                   political, social, economic and cultural rights, as
defined by the Universal
                   Declaration and its two companion covenants. 
                                 Projects approved between 
                             April 1, 1996 and March 31, 1997
International Centre for Human
                  Rights and Democratic

                  63, rue de Bresoles,
                  Montreal, Quebec,
                  Canada, H2Y 1V7

                  Tel: (514) 283-6073

                  Fax: (514) 283-3792

                  Email: ichrdd@xxxxxxxxx

                       Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma 

                       A network of NGOs based in ASEAN countries who
educate, lobby
                       and pressure their own governments into reconsidering
their support for

                       the SLORC, the ruling military regime in Burma. Its
activities include
                       supporting and strengthening members in their
promotion of human
                       rights and democracy, and organizing media campaigns
and workshops
                       to increase the lobbying capacity of its members.
                       1 year

                       Associates to Develop a Democratic Burma 

                       A Canadian-based international organization comprised
of expatriate
                       Burmese. ADDB's activities include encouraging
dialogue, reconciliation
                       and debate within the movement; providing advisory
services and
                       training to the democratically elected government in
Burma; providing
                       reliable information to the democracy movement
through its publication
                       Burma Alert; and expanding the resources of the
                       1 year

                       National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma 

                       The NCGUB, made up of elected members of the National
League for
                       Democracy (NLD), is the provisional Government of
Burma. Financial
                       assistance was provided for its International
Awareness Campaign and
                       Democratic Development Programme. The NCGUB seeks to
                       encourage the Burmese population to express their
non-approval of
                       SLORC, the military regime's State Law and Order
                       Council, through peaceful means.
                       1 year

                       Southeast Asian Information Network 

                       Based in Thailand, SAIN investigates human rights and
                       abuse in Burma by the ruling military regime. They
received support to
                       develop a clear set of guidelines on HIV/AIDS for
activists, journalists
                       and NGOs working in Burma and to hold a seminar to
introduce the
                       guidelines and programme to the Burmese
pro-democratic groups.
                       1 year

                       Canadian Friends of Burma 

                       Established in 1990 to increase public awareness on
Burma, CFOB
                       received support for issue-specific projects and
campaigns designed to
                       influence Canadian foreign policy, mobilize and
inform Canadian society,
                       and provide channels for humanitarian assistance to
the people of
                       1 year

                       Burma at the Crossroads 

                       In collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation,
the Centre

                       organized an international forum on Burma to discuss
the role of the
                       international community, possible solutions for a
peaceful settlement and
                       a return to democracy in Burma. The Ebert Foundation
was established
                       in 1925 in Germany and its main objectives are to
further a political
                       culture based on democracy and pluralism and to
contribute to
                       international understanding and cooperation. The
forum took place in
                       October 1996 in New York.

                       Burma Issues 

                       Based in Bangkok Thailand, this NGO encourages
people's movements
                       to help restore democracy in Burma.


Julien Moe