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Canadian Fundings to Burmese Dissid (r)

Subject: Canadian Fundings to Burmese Dissident Groups and NGOs

Canadian Fundings to Burmese Dissident Groups
2nd may 1999

Not only the United States Government is in the middle of influencing the
Burmese situation by supporting the Burmese democracy movement  by means of
imposing sanctions on the dictatorial regime in Burma and funding the
pro-democracy movement groups via Department of State and National Endowment
for  Democracy , but  the Canadian fundings to the dissident groups and NGOs
such as NCGUB, Alternative ASEAN Network, Southeast Asian Infromation
Network, Canadian Friends of Burma, Burma at the Crossroads, Burma Issues,
etc are obvious signs of the Canadian government's support  behind the
Burmese democracy  movement. Funding details will be posted on the 25th of
May 1999.If you have any obejections, please let me know in advance. I'd
post them anyway.


Julien Moe