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Myanmar complains it ignored by Asi

Subject: Re: Myanmar complains it ignored by Asian Dev. Bank

A very simple answer to that - the military regime, SPDC/SLORC or whatever,
now and return the power they stole from the people back to the people and
enough of whining and complaining like cry-babies; and to have the moral
to admit the error of their ways!

Julien Moe wrote:

> Myanmar complains it ignored by Asian Dev. Bank
> 07:14 a.m. May 01, 1999 Eastern
> MANILA, May 1 (Reuters) - Myanmar on Saturday questioned the Asian
> Development Bank's reluctance to extend financial and technical assistance
> to it and said it was time the multilateral agency changed its policy.
> ``The bank has ignored providing assistance to Myanmar although Myanmar has
> been striving to develop her economy...It is opportune time to provide its
> assistance to Myanmar,'' Finance and Revenue Minister Khin Maung Thein said
> in his speech at the annual meeting of the Manila-based ADB.
> The ADB ceased leading to Myanmar, formerly Burma, in 1986 and stopped
> extending technical assistance in 1987.
> The bank said this was due to the country's dual exchange rate system, which
> gave its currency differing values.
> Khin Maung Thein said Myanmar should be treated in the same fashion as other
> ADB members. ``It is unfair to neglect Myanmar because Myanmar has been a
> legitimate member of the bank since 1973...Myanmar wants to be treated
> equally,'' he said.
> ADB officials said they were observing Myanmar's economy and would formulate
> an operational strategy at the appropriate time.
> ((Sharon Buan, Manila newsroom +632 841-8914, fax +632 817-6267,
> manila.newsroom+reuters.com))