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FW: Second Correction: Bangkok Or

Subject: FW:  Second Correction:  Bangkok Organisations Please help,

Intrepid Travel
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Sorry folks,

e-mail <carlneedham@xxxxxxxxxxx>

This one does work I promise

Love to all,  Amanda

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Sent:	Tuesday, 4 May 1999 11:00
Subject:	Correction:  Bangkok Organisations Please help, Intrepid Travel

Free Burma Coalition, Australia

Correction:  Please note a correction to the message below.  I am so sorry 
to all who have already been in touch via e-mail.  The rest is correct.

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, Australia's Intrepid Travel sell tours to Burma.  Recently 
Amnesty International, Australia agreed not to enter into an agreement with 
Intrepid for this reason.  This has inspired Intrepid to re-visit the Burma 
issue and once again they will ask their staff to vote for and against 
tours to Burma.  The vote takes place on the 10th May 1999.  The last vote 
on the issue was in 1996 and only two staff members voted against going in 
to Burma.

Your assistance could make all the difference.

Could you please contact the Senior Tour Guide, for Intrepid, based in 
Bangkok and convince him and other staff there to vote against tours to 

Carl Needham (Corrected)
e-mail <carln@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (Corrected)
Mobile 018 276 763
Fax: 629 0127
Tel:  280 5434 Ext. 319

Thank you for your assistance.

All the best,

Amanda Zappia