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FW: Commemoration for Dr Michael Ar

Subject: FW: Commemoration for Dr Michael Aris

Free Burma Coalition, Australia

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Subject:	Commemoration for Dr Michael Aris

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Burmese Community

Would you, please, be so gracious as to accept a collective invitation to
this Commemoration of the Life and Work of the Late Dr Michael Aris!

Peter O'Keefe

A Gathering of Friends

To honour the life and work of
The late Dr Michael Aris
will be held in Conference Room 1
0ld Physics Conference Centre
The University of Melbourne, Parkville
Monday, 17 May 1999, at 5.00 pm.

Mr Garry Woodard
Former Ambassador of Australia to Burma
will lead a Commemoration

Sir Edward Woodward			
Chancellor							Light refreshments
									will be served afterwards
									RSVP:Tel: 9344 7819

Peter O'Keefe
Protocol Manager, Vice-Chancellor's Office
The University of Melbourne
Parkville	Victoria 3052		Australia

Tel: (61) 3 9344 7819.	Fax: (61) 3 9347 7253
Email: p.okeefe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx