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ABSDO denounce SPDC

We members of All Burma Students Democratic Organization (Australia)
are outraged to learn the report from Reuters that 150 people's
representatives are being detained as the hostages and the Committee
Representing People's Parliament CRPP must be scrapped in exchange as

Win Aung Foreign minters of SPDC regime revealed  on Tuesday 27 April 99
that military  would release jailed Members of Parliament -elect and members
of the opposition National League for Democracy, if the NLD agrees to
dissolve a parliamentary committee, Committee Representing People's
Parliament it formed in September 1998.

We strongly condemn the inhumane military regime for indefinitely holding
people's representatives , students , dissidents as hostages ignoring their
human and democratic rights.

We believe those MPs in detention (so-called government guesthouse) are
legitimate elected representatives of the people therefore military junta
hold no
authority to detain them. We also want to insist that 10-person -strong CRPP
is a lawful committee established by 251 members of Parliament.
In the make the blatant denial of the junta to the call to convene the
people assembly by 21 August 1998, the CRPP was founded by the MPs from
National League for
Democracy (which won 82% of the seats) and ethnic parties Its main objective
is was to accomplish
the task to convene the People's Parliament as per 1990 elections result
which brutal junta shamelessly refuse to honor.
We are very concerned over the tactics of SPDC forcing some NLD- MPs to

and weaken Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and CRPP . We are confident that  the
collaboration of the regime
and renegade MPs will not end up in dissolution of the CRPP which we support
as a legitimate people's representative committee.
It is the illegal SPDC regime who always applies cruel method to divide and
conquer over the democratic movement as they did over the ethnic resistance
Eventually, military regime will have to listen to the democratic
aspiration of the people and it has been proved that dictatorships are bound
to be defeated by the power of the
people .. We believe that there is still room for peaceful solution if SPDC
is sincere in seeking national reconciliation . The immediate step to take
is to respect desire of the people and enter genuine dialogue with Daw Aung
San Suu Kyi -led CRPP.
At the same time we are greatly dis-appointed on the soft response from
international community especially Australian government in lacking
concrete tough actions (i e .  economic sanctions and boycotts)  to pressure
over the regime.
At the recent Human rights commission in Geneva Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
a message in which she said the situation in Burma was getting worse and the
world had yet to take full notice of it. She emphasized that there is a need
for continued action on the part of international community.

We hereby urge the international intensify the support to Daw Aung San Suu
Kyi led- CRPP to fulfill the will of people of Burma.
We urge international community to recognize Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led-CRPP
as the legitimate highest authority of people of Burma and its lawful right
to convene the People's Parliament as per 1990 elections result.
We urge the SPDC regime to enter peaceful dialogue with CRPP .
We urge the immediate release of all political prisoners including student
leader Min Ko Naing
We urge the re-opening of all universities and colleges and recognize the
establishment of student Union.

Central Committee

All Burma Students Democratic Organization ( Australia)
2nd May 1999 , Sydney- Australia

Further information please contact ABSDO office
1A Vaughan Street, Lidcombe 2141 NSW Australia
Phone and fax : 612 96435015
freeburma9999@xxxxxxxxxxx or kmoe@xxxxxxxxxx