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Someone asked me Why I fight for Bu

Subject: Someone asked me Why I fight for Burma...

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I fight for Burma and its freedoms from fear, oppression ,etc. because
-Everytime- I hear about a young girl being raped becuase some soldier
was horny or a child watching his or her parents being raped and / or
murdered in front of them or people have been forcibly removed from
their homes and villages and much more...

  I feel anger and frustration for not being directly able to stop it
and seeing few or no other people doing something about it.  Each time
it happens a part of me is lost... yet... it also pushes me forward with
a ferocity never to give up!

  With Burma/ Myanmar, I have a chance to do that.  To use my skills,
knowledge, freedom and life to help others.  I believe in the saying,
"Those who fight by my side are my brothers (and sisters)".

Long Live Freedom and soon we will be victorious TOGETHER.

Rangoon Post Co-Editor