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Myanmar opposition Party Hluttaw Re (r)

Subject: Re: Myanmar opposition Party Hluttaw Representatives strongly

Dear (Colonel) Win Naing

Have you read the statements issued by CRPP and political prisoners's group
on that issue? 

And have you heard of our response to DVB and RFA? 

Moreover have you got the message how those three guys cooperated with MI
and deceived other MPs-in-the-guess-houses? 

Do you know many deceived MPs have turned back?

If not you will be of one-sided. Please use both ears.


Tint Swe

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>Myanmar opposition Party Hluttaw Representatives strongly criticize Party's
>25 Pyithue Hluttaw Representatives Sign Declaration Demanding Party Start 
>Dialogue with Government
>(Extract from a Japanese language article appearing in the ASAHI newspaper
>28 April 1999 made by Mr. Ryotsuke ONO, Bangkok, 27, April, 1999 )
>It is learnt that a signed declaration, requesting their party to have a
>dialogue with the Government, has been submitted to both the Myanmar
>Government and their own NLD party as well, by 25 Opposition Pyithue
>Hluttaw Representatives who were elected in the 1990 Multi-party Democracy
>General Election. In their declaration, they state that, " to have a
>dialogue, both the Government and the NLD must show flexibility and the
>willingness to compromise."
>They go on to point out that " NLD's decision to convene Parliament on its
>own has itself become a big obstacle to the holding of a dialogue," and
>criticize the NLD Central Committee's action. This is the first time in
>Myanmar that such a group of 25 NLD Hluttaw Representatives has released a
>signed declaration blaming on its own party.
>The signed declaration, issued on 26 April 1999, was addressed to one of
>the Government leaders Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt as well as to NLD chairman U Aung
>Shwe. Those signing the declaration include a well-known lawyer U Tun Shwe
>and a prominent NLD "woman sub-committee" member Daw Khin Aye Myint.
>The declaration first states that " Under the pressure of the Myanmar
>Government, NLD party members have resigned from the party ..(and) .. some
>party members have been detained ..." . The 25 NLD Pyithue Hluttaw
>Representatives then went on to say that " Prospect for holding a dialogue
>have been greatly reduced by the NLD's unilateral decision to hold a
>Hluttaw meeting by itself. Therefore we demand that the decision to convene
>Parliament on its own be reviewed."
>Regarding the declaration signed by the 25 NLD Pyithue Hluttaw
>Representatives, diplomatic circles in Myanmar commented: " The Government
>seems to have succeeded in urging some NLD Hluttaw Representatives to issue
>such a declaration. The NLD has no further recourse left to it to reduce
>the political impasse between itself and the Government. The feeling of
>being suffocated with no political outlet is becoming more and more evident
>among NLD  Hluttaw Representatives at present."